Nike 10K beginner group timings

Well my first 10K so my first PB - 63mins. SOooooo chuffed.

How did everyone else do?

Now must go and lie very very still.


  • Way to go Gemini, great time for a first attempt!
  • well done I'm so envious you must be proud, wish I could do 63 mins. What next?

  • NEXT!!! you must be kidding.

    10K run is ticked on my things to do list.

    thanks, bu wouldbe nice to know how everyone else got on as well!!
    They are still propbabaly trying to get home the transport to and from the place was dreadful.
  • Well done, i did my first 10k last week and i did it in 1hr9min.

    I was nearly put off cos everyone ran past me sooooooooo fast i came in about 4th from last.
  • Did my first 10k today in Swansea did it in 61 mins...was sooooooo hot. Would do it again but drink more. Great effort joanne and Gemini isn't it great to know you've DONE it!!
  • 64 minutes for the 10K.... 3 hours for the 5k home!

    Great time through... everybody! We all know what to expect next time!
  • Well done all.

    Done mine in 57 minutes and I am so, so proud of myself especially when I only started running just over 4 weeks ago.

    However, the best part was taking part and receiving my medal it felt like I really achieved something and it was nice showing it off to friends and family.

    I am happy that this was my first race. I am now already planning my next races which will be a 10 miler then half marathon and hopefully the Flora Marathon.

    Sammy :0)

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