HELP!!!!! shin and calf muscle pain when running

Hello all
I’m a newbie
My Name is Mark and I’m from Stockton-On-Tees and I’m determined to get myself fit for the New Year. In the beginning I couldn’t even manage week one of c25k but after following my own initial plan I’m now well underway and am currently on week six of c25k. I have been taking my dog with me for motivation but I think that he has been pulling me to one side resulting in chronic lower leg pain unfortunately now in both legs (the pain is located along my tibia, calf muscle and the top/front of my ankle and down the length of my foot) and whenever I attempt to run I get as far as a mile and I can’t go any further. Does anyone know of any stretches or plan of action I could take as I really don’t want to lose my momentum but I really have hit a wall.

Thank you all for your time and keep running



  • Hi Mark

    Try this test: Stand with your feet flat on the floor and lower yourself down into a squat, trying to keep your heels in contact with the ground. If you have to lift your heels up to keep your balance before you've got all the way into the squat position, then that shows that the problems you are having are due to a lack of flexibility, and not just with the dog!

    Search for calf stretches on the Internet as well as quad stretches. Good luck!

  • use a long retractable dog lead , works for me. a fixed length lead would be havoc.
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