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Hello all,

Hope 2012 is being kind to you so far!

Just tried on my new wetsuit, Think it fits, it's incredibly tight but I can just about breathe so I am guessing this is fine! Just wondered if people in the know had tips on getting it on and looking after it.

I used plastic bags on feet and hands when putting it on and pulled it up nice and high. Also got someone to pull the shoulders together before zipping up. However it was a little long in the arm and leg. 220 mention this about this suit in their review and said about cutting some off. I am loathed to take scissors to it because would I then lose the seal at the wrist and ankle? Also would it introduce a weakness, causing the suit to rip?

Getting it off was a disaster, T1 is going to take hours at this rate! I managed to get one leg out eventually but getting it off the other was a bit of a fail. Any suggestions gratefully recieved!

Also how is it best to store it? I currently have it on a wide hanger but would it be better folded? Should I rinse it after using? Do you need to clean it with anything? What about salt water use? 

Penultimately does anyone use Lakeside swimming in Eastleigh? How tolerant will they be to an enthusiastic but terrified amatuer.

Finally and I realise this is daft but i have never used one before. Swim cap- do you wet them or your head before putting them on? Is best to have your goggle straps under the cap or over it?

 Thank you for reading my essay and sorry if these questions have been asked before but I really appreciate the advice that I have got from this forum so far! Cotswold 113 is looking hopeful!

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  • Right!

    Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWrB2hu0ZBo

    I find that lots of body glide or baby oil around ankles, wrists and shoulders helps with putting the suit on and getting it off in a hurry.

    Yes, rinse your suit after use.

    I store mine on a wooden hanger.

    It's fine to cut the legs and arms but check if the seem is taped inside and don't cut above the tape or it may fray. If you do cut it you can reinforce it with a little black witch or similar.

    If possible i.e. at the pool, I wet my hair before putting the swim cap on, if competing I put the cap on dry. In the pool, goggles over hat, in races usually goggles under cap so that I don't lose them if they get kicked off etc. Often use two swim caps in OW so goggles then go in between them.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Bodyglide definitely the way to go. Pretty cheap on Amazon.

    Don't forget to put some on the back of your neck. I put in a long swim and paid the price with a pretty severe friction burn !

  • Wetsuits come off more easily when there's water inside, so at the end of your swim stick a finger inside the neck seal to let some extra water in image
  • Nothing quite so hilarious as hopping around in T1, trying to get a leg off, trying to stand on the suit and pulling your leg out when everything is cramping up.

    However, bodyglide on the tight bits, echo be very careful on the fastening at the back of the neck.

    Personally, I hate those stupid rubber swim caps, they are a pain to get on, you look like you are having a facelift, they pull your hair when they come off, or ping off taking your goggles with them. I now use a neoprene swim cap, which is comfortable, warm and slips on and off lovely. If I have to use a silly rubber one, I put it over the top. Downside is you look like a perv.

    Let some water in the suit when you get in the water via the neck, it eases the chest off considerably, after the initial shock of it going in, which is bloody freezing and you'll think of us and say, "That bastard just said that to see if I would do it!"

    Once you feel comfortable in it, it soon becomes second nature.
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