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 I am an overpronator and have been wearing the asics gt 2160 but they seem slightly narrow. Before I new I overpronated I used to wear nike air pegasus and they seemed like a wider fit. I am thinking of trying the nike structure triax, does anyone rate nike as a good running brand in camprison to asics or saucony etc?

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  • Im not a fan of nike products, I personally think the brand prefers design and style rather than functionality and quality which I find is lacking.
  • Before I went for newtons Nike structure triax was my preferred shoe, personally I think they are great and they were recommended by my pod at the time, I just prefer my newtons now image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Nike running shoes are excellent and as good as all the other top names like Saucony, Asics etc. That they do loads of fashion crap doesn't detract from the fact that their running shoes are proper serious running shoes. I've been running in Equalons for a while and they're superb. For me, at least.

    But shoes are a personal thing and what seems a wide fit to us might not to you. The only way is to try them on at a local running shop.

  • Agree with Muttley. Nike are a sports equipment manufacturer and have moved into the fashion thing as well. The lunar series of shoes are good, most running shops will stock Nikes of one form or another.

    I have a pair of Adidas and a pair of Nike, they are different shoes to the feel, but no less capable than Brooks, Asics, Sauconys, NB or evn the new players on the block like Newton.
  • Yeah, I currently wear the Equalons too
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    You can't generalise across a whole range w.r.t. how the shoes feel for you. I've no doubt that Nike generally make very good quality shoes, but I've had good and bad experiences.  My all-time favourite training shoes are Nike Zoom Elite 4.  When they were discontinued I tried LunarGlide and managed to convince myself in the shop that they were a comfortable fit.  On the road however they felt clumpy and awkward and horrible.  Thankfully I'd managed to find a shop that still had a couple of NZE's in stock so I snapped them up.  Since I don't subscribe to all the 500 miles per shoe crap, they should keep me happy for a while.

    I did try Equalon for a while as well but I think they were just far too stabilising for my running style.  They felt sort of comfy and plush, but a bit like running with a sofa on each foot.

  • i have found Nike  a good brand for me. the clothes come in very small size and after having knee problems  on long distance due to over pronating i tried nike kids lunars for the first time. these have been great and felt fine fromt he first run..not clumpy at all and very flexible .my ITBS disappeared within a month of wearing them and all my 18+mile runs ive not had any pain.

    i think lunars are quite narrow fit though and zoom which i tried are a wider shape all round...but as said above its all a personal thing requiring many tryings on of lovely trainersimage

  • I run in Nike. Did use Triax and then moved to Equalons which I`ve had 6 pairs of. They`re defunct now though aren`t they? image
  • How did you get on with the Pegasus, any injuries?
  • I loved my Pagasus and have a pair i still use for slopping about as they have no tread left & are almost falling apart after 3 years.

    I then moved onto Lunar and these are also great, although they split at the back after less than 200 miles image

    I am now searching for my next ideal pair.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Funny how impressions of shoes vary. To me the Equalons are like lightweight race shoes, probably because my main shoe is the now long-defunct Puma Peerless which is a bit of a brick but does okay for me. I bought about 6 pairs at once cheapo on eBay and still have three left. They've been out of production for about a decade.

    The Equalons are also no more but I don't know what replaced them because again, I've got a stock off eBay to get through.

  • + 1 for Equalons - they're the only shoes that I could wear that accommodate my orthotics and provide the appropriate support for my gait.  I've also stockpiled, so hopefully enough to get me through the next 6 - 12 months.

    I've never had any problem with them, but don't really take any notice of what other people think or say - it's all very personal.  What suits someone else won't necessarily suit me, so I just sort out what I need.

    It's a bit like cars - I had a friend who swore by Vauxhall - would only ever buy their cars yet I had another friend who must have had the Vauxhall car from hell - it spent more time in the garage being repaired than on the road.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    It really pisses me off when a company comes up with a good shoe - and then goes and either "upgrades" it or just stops making it and replaces it with something else.

    Listen up Nike, the Equalon ver 3 was just the ticket. Couldn't you just leave it be? Like, as in not fix it if it ain't broke?


  • I also bought a couple of pairs of Equalons off t`net. Had 6 pairs altogether and only 1 fresh pair left. Any advice / opinions on what to try next would be appreciated!
  • If the width is the only issue, I'm fairly certain the 21xx series are available in a wide fit though you may need to get a specialist running store to order them in for you.  Alternatively, depending on your shoe size, try the  men's version of the 21xx.

  • Equalons discontinued sadly, seem to think the Nike rep told me that something might be coming out to 'replace' it Spring 2013.

    Nike zoom elites are coming back from 1st February but don't have the medial post of the old version, will wait and see how they work but when I tried a sample pair on they felt great.

  • Egyptian toe,

    I got through a few pairs of Equalons before they discontinued them.
    I've found Brooks trance to be very similar in both fit and feel with the advantage that, for me anyway, the Brooks seem to last longer.
  • I will give the structure triax a go I think, see how they compare to the Asics gt 2160 which are a good shoe but a little narrow. I think it is trial and error. My longest run at the weekends is 12 to 15 miles so wanted a good quality shoe but comfy at the same time. My little toes are sometimes red raw after a long run! But one good thing for the Asics is they have stopped my runners knee, thank god!
  • Personally I love the Nike LunarGlide+ 2. I'm just breaking in a second pair but compared to my previous Adidas shoes they just feel like I'm wearing air - but that may just be because of my foot shape and running style. I'd be open to trying something else but at the moment I'm focused on training and don't want to mix things up until maybe the summer when I run less because of the heat, my birthday's also in the summer which always helps with new shoes!
  • Its always risky when training is going well to change your footwear, because you just never know how you will react to them.
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