Edinburgh Marathon

Just come across the good for age entries page on the EMF website, I was wondering if anyone could clarify the criteria for me if they have had any experience with the system...

As I see it I need to submit proof of my ability to run 26.2 in less than 3:05 before the beginning of April, is it as simple as that?

I have never run a marathon before but half-marathons are ok for me now, in training I can run 13 odd miles in about an hour and a half so its my hope that with a little more training I might be able to complete a full marathon in approximately 3 hours... so that would qualify me as "good for age", right?

What kind of proof would the powers that be want to see, race results only? Or should I be taking a GPS when I run too?


  • Ali
    You would need to be able to show a race result via a link to the results page. From my reading of EMF website, were you able to run a sub 75 minute HM this would be acceptable.
  • righto, better get crackin' then, thanks for that!
  • Hi all, just to let people know that I have a spare officially transferable Edinburgh Marathon place for 27th May if anyone is interested as I am doing the London Marathon now for Children In Crisis. If you would like the place email cicgav@gmail.com. Many Thanks.
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