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This was a great inaugural race in 2011 & perfectly timed between other events. After setting a PB  I was looking forward to reusing my number this year. Sadly the organisers have moved it to 2 weeks later than last year & it now clashes with the Farnham Pilgrims Marathon & Half. I wonder if there is any reason for this change & if it will always clash in future?


  • This was my first half. Apart from the mix up at the start was an excellent race. Will enter again this year. Should beat my last time as my latest pb is now eight minutes quicker.
  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    I'm running it for the first time this year, looking forward to a quick run with any luck.

  • Just entered.  Already started serious training by upping my long runs to 18 miles.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    18m Surrey? Is that with a marathon in mind for the future or just halves?

  • Not planning on another marathon till next year's London.

    I did my current pb while marathon training - Wokingham in Feb - so reckon running significantly over distance will help me improve endurance and maintain speed.  Current HM pb was at 6.25 pace, aim to run Maidenhead at 6.20 pace or better.

  • Does anyone know if the course has changed? The start was a massive balls up and running down a set of steps to access a tunnel under the A4 was dangerous in last years wet conditions.

    Apologies if ive missed the communications, but I can't find any info on their site or here addressing these issues from last year.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Johnas how you doing!

    ps i have no idea on your question, but thought i'd say hello!

  • I'm in. Have had mixed half marathon results in 2012 - Brighton and Paddock Wood were very good - Southend and Milton Keynes not so good. So have 68 days to get things back on track!

    Can't skip Sunday long runs and those long runs need to be longer!

    Happy training all!

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    Johnas how you doing!

    ps i have no idea on your question, but thought i'd say hello!

    Alright Stevie... All good here. Training for Berlin well underway. Hows tricks?

    So, no-one knows if the course has changed?

  • Hi all, the route has changed and the new date was imposed by the Council. We hope to get our second Sunday in September slot back next year.
  • Really looking forward to it. I live in Maidenhead and ran it last year. Interested to see how the new course will work out. Currently the Easter 10 is my favourite local race...but you never know.

  • Yes, the course has changed.  There is more in the town centre now at the end apparently so they are hoping for more spectator support.  Last year, I had 3 guys run full pelt into me at the start (they were running in the wrong direction!)  Hope they have organised paced starts.  Last year, the 6 m/miler were together with the 12 m/milers. 

    Johnas, I see you are running Berlin Marathon 2 weeks later.  Do you think it would be ok to race Maidenhead or just run it at MP?

  • Hi Leisa. If I were to do Maidenhead, it'd be a MP paced run - 2 weeks before Berlin is too close for a PB effort.

    Still haven't entered Maidenhead. Lack of info on the course has put me off - think I'll just do an MP run instead.

    i hope your training is going well?
  • Hi Leisa,


    Do you have a link to the new course?





  • Now on the site. It looks different from last year, with 1m or so, then a couple of 5m laps, then home.....

  • I'm really disappointed that they've changed it to two laps, instead of one long loop.  I ran it last year and know there were a couple of problems but putting in laps instead of one loop is a shame and makes me less enthusiastic about running it again this year.  Does anyone know if this is what they will stick with in the furture, seems a shame as there are lots of nice routes in Maidenhead without having to go over the same ground twice?  Also they need to change the event page on here as it is misleading.

  • Must agree with you Martine, I don't like laps either and would have picked a different race if I'd known image

  • Although now two laps, apart from about a mile and a half after the start, and half a mile or so before the finish, I think it is still an attractive course, and believe the organisers deserve great credit for addressing the points raised last year. The loop at the start has gone, so faster runners running into those still to start, will not be an issue. The loop at the end, which involved running past the finish, about 500m before the end has also gone. Leisa H, I'm pretty sure that this actually means less in the town centre, not more (I've lived in the area for many years, and know the course quite well) Johnas, The steps under Maidenhead Bridge are no longer on the route, so no longer an issue. From the course map, there are however two subways under the A4 to be negotiated, one after just over 1km, and the second, different one in the last km. While last year's road closures were very well thought out, and seemed to work well, I shouldn't think that closing the A4 was not and isn't an option, so surely, the safest and only way to cross it, is via the subways... But I am one of the slower runners, and don't mind walking up and down the steps, and through the tunnel if neccessary. Looking forward to it, and fingers crossed for perfect weather.

  • Really looking forward to this. Apart from a few 5ks will be my first proper race since May. Need to blow away the cobwebs.
  • looking forward to it - but looking at the map - its 270 feet of elevation - i am not sure that counts as flat and fast? Its not running up  a mountain, but its not exactly flat. The description is fast and flat.

    does anyone know the course and if that is accurate?



  • I run that route regularly and would definitely call it flat, there are a couple of underpasses and a small gentle uphill that you will go past twice so yes fast flat route
  • Is it up or down in the run in to the finish? Want to know if I can blast it on the last mile.
  • Once you've gone through the underpass its Flat along the high street, you can definitely sprint to the finish line!
  • With hopefully a fair amount of supporters cheering us on.
  • Robert Smith 58, as one who is quite sensitive to any slopes, I really don't believe there is anything to worry about on the course. Is it flat? Yes, Is it spirit level/dead/pancake flat? No. I think of it as 'flat, with an up or down bias in places'

    I have lived less than 100 metres from the course for many years, and feel I know it quite well. The sections with an 'up' bias are the Causeway across Cookham Moor, (approx 4/9.5miles) I would guess a rise of about 10ft in a length of about 300m. Secondly the section either side of Whytladies Lane (approx 5/10.5miles) and third, approx 6/11.5miles where there is a left turn, and the road goes over a small railway bridge. It is neither very steep, or very long, and after it the bais is down, on the first lap as far as the end of Ray Mill Rd West, and on the second, all the way to the finish, with the exception of the underpass. Whilst in no way detracting from what Marts101 says, I Think the High St. itself is slightly better than flat!!! There is also a nice bit of down, in York Rd, shortly after the start. The link on the Purple Patch website to 'Overview of route and road closures' leads to a very useful graphic. Forecast at the moment looks warm, dry and not too windy!

  • thanks everyone, good answers and I am really looking forward to it.

    To be clear i am hoping for a fast and flat course as I am not particularly fast image As it gives me best chance of a decent time.

    I am 41, took up running in Dec last year, I have done one half marathon before  - this year - in 1:55 and I am hoping to beat it. That was in the mud on a canal tow path with what seemed like 100 bridges but was probably more like 20, so I thought i would give myself best chance with fast and flat (and more hill training).

    It seems alot of locals running which is great,  - but dont trip up the guy with the midlands accent!

  • looks like a few sharp bends in the first mile.  Is the start organised at all by target times or is it likely to be a free for all.  Looking forward to Sunday.

  • Sounds like a good even, look forward to it.image

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