Inside leg pain above ankle


I've developed a localised pain about 2 to 3 inches above my ankle on the inside of my right leg only. It is a sharp pain which occurs when pressure is put on the leg or I push into my leg with a finger. It feels like an overuse injury. I am training for a marathon. I have not decreased my mileage yet but the pain is getting worse and having an effect on my training runs making them not much fun to complete. I am icing after running, using a compression bandage and taking Ibuprofen.

Due to the sheer amount of information available, im not sure what's wrong. Tendonitis, Shin Splints, general overuse, the new neutral shoes I bought a week ago. Although, I have pretty much ruled them out because the pain is only in my right leg, nothing wrong with the left.

I'm stumped and need advice on the best course of action. I'm thinking that if it doesn't get better soonish, because the race is in April I will need to see an injury specialist. Any advice would be great.



  • i have similar and been researching all day.

    Mine is on left leg about 4 or 5 inches above ankle on the outer calf, not around the back but on the side and towards the front where the calf meets the tibia.

    It isnt painful as such but more of a spot i can feel, it doesnt stop me doing anything and i can run fine with it and walk afterwards with no sensation at all.

    only when i run, i am using a new pair of the shoes i have always used, and it has bugged me about 6 months now in my older shoes and now my new ones.

    I have had calf heart attacks before but this is different

  • mines painful particularly after running. I have to ice it straight after before I can walk. As my foot strikes the ground it feels like this bit of leg is doing all the work and so its taking all the force from the ground. I'm easing off the pedal a little, do some cross training/gym work. Hopefully give it time to strengthen/recover to some degree, before hitting the road again without discomfort.

  • Could be Tib Post....

    Shoes on, stand and face the wall (right foot forward, left back) a la calf stretch, but put your foot up the wall with your heel on the ground. Push your knee towards the wall, keeping your foot/toes up and heel on the ground.

    Is right same as the left? Is it tight in the right area?

  • I think you might be correct in your diagnosis. After reading several other threads about this type of injury the symptoms seem to match.

    Tried your wall stretch. Right felt tighter than left. Is this stretch good for strengthening al la sorting out this injury?


  • Not really!

    It'll make you feel much better when the right has adequate length.

    BUT unless you find out why Tib Post had become dysfunctional, it's likely to return.....

    Crack on with stretching it, don't freak if it returns or clears though!!
  • Mark - can't comment on how to rehab your injury but do not confuse stretching with strengthening - they are totally different things and the two go hand in hand working together.
  • I know this thread is pretty dead but decided to post anyway seeing how people have been having this problem and not knowing what to do about it.

    This page will explain what it is and how to treat it very well and I will explain my story because I too have had this problem.

    The website explains that there is a problem with the dysfunction of the muscle in the leg which is a result of the runners arch.

    A while back I bought shoes with soles and never had problems. When the shoes were worn out I bought new shoes however they caused much discomfort resulting in a bakers cyst, and tib post in both legs. The current shoes I have are brooks and have soles in the shoes, however I have tib post in one leg. I asked how this was possible. Turns out one of my soles that came in the pack were the wrong size. The sole slides around in the shoe while the other one sits snug. I often have discomfort from the sole sliding around in my shoe and rubbing against the arch of my foot.

    The websites suggested treatments are to ice, stretch, and to get soles to better support your arch. This makes sense seeing how one sole is smaller than the other.

    I could be wrong but if anyone else reads this tell me what you think. If not I hope this helps you.

  • I have this problem!  Thanks for sharing!

  • I have this problem too, and it's getting in the way of my training for the 4 Deserts Sahara Race in May. Thanks for the info above, and the link. I'll check it out. 

  • I was looking for help with a similar problem today, and found this thread. Thanks for the link. Here's another helpful set of exercises I've found:

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