Racing flats for forefoot runner with a wide feet

I am looking for a pair of racing flats capable of holding up in anything from a 10k to a marathon. I have tried Newton's MV2s but they kept falling apart. I am a natural forefoot runner and like to run relatively fast.

Any suggestions? I have heard that Saucony and Adidas make flats.

Any help gratefully received. I have a 10k race next weekend.


  • Terra Plana Neos. Okay, they're minimalist shoes not racing flats, but they are lightweight and nice and wide in the toe box. If you're a forefoot runner anyway, they should be fine!
  • In my experience, Adidas are very narrow fitting as a rule.

    The lightweights/flats that I use are Nike Air Zoom Streak which are fairly roomy at the front, I have to lace mine up pretty tight. Did London in them last year and they are still holding up well.

    Lunar Racers are my general shoe for training and racing, the fabric does tend to tear after a while though, particularly if they get wet at lot. Not sure if they come in wide though.

    I have average width feet (I think!)

    Probable best just to go and try a load of brands on. Only way to be sure.

  • Asics hyperspeed are wide, light and look cool - but don't last long.
  • I use inov8 road-x shoes... could be worth a look. I have wide feet and find their anatomical fit road-x range to be incredibly comfortable.
  • Thanks for the responses. I have heard that new balance and k swiss have both just released new zero pitch racers. Anyone know about anything about them?


  • Thinking in hindsight, if youhave wide feet, the MV2 might have issues with its lasting abilities as the mesh on top get stretched to much. Have had a another customer mention the same problem. It seems MV2, same as a lot of the Saucony Racers are better for runners with narrow feet.

     New Balance are releasing their new Minimums Road Racer in the next 2 weeks in the UK. This shoe will have a wider toebox, and is generally wider than the MV2, and having seen it a few months back it looks promising. We have had only the Trail version in yet, and this has done very well, and seems quite popular even for road running.

     The K-Swiss zero pitch shoe, is not specifically designed for racing, more like a training and recovery shoe, to be worn as your every day shoe, to train your feet, achilles, and heels to adapt to zero drop. Although the rep from KSwiss said that if one is a very profficient barefoot runner, one could run in them as well, although this was not what it was designed for.

  • Lunaracer
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