Anyone need a hotel for london mara

I have 3 rooms booked at the ibis london excel for the saturday night og marathon weekend. I have got to defer as have been in hosp (opting for a may marathon instead) and wondered if anyone needs the booking before I cancel. I think they are triple rooms at £135 for the night.


  • Hey mouser12 do you have any of the rooms still available? Hope so.


  • All of them! Think it will just be a case of me e mailing your details through when I change the booking - they will need you to call to give credit card details. How many rooms you after?
  • Just one for me and my wife on Saturday night thanks.
  • Can you send me your e mail address and I can forward the forward the booking details to you.
    Good luck for the 22nd April!
  • Hey mouser12 do you have any of the rooms still available? Hope so.


  • Its - - many thanks. 

     Oh and thankyou for wishing me some good luck, Im currently trying to ignor a calf niggle that just won't go away!  So much for VLM in sub 4hrs.

     All the best with your training for May hope you make it a PB!!!!


  • Dont ignore the niggle for too long...
    I am out today but should be able to sort the hotel tomorrow,
    Not aiming for a pb as the marathon is 20 miles up hill and 6 down. Just a finish would be good...
    Happy running
  • Hi Mouser12, really sorry to hear that your going to have to defer.
    I would be keen for 1 double room for my husband and myself if still available?
  • I am sorry to miss it too - but a wedding and an operation stood in the way. (the wedding involves a brewery in Germany so not too upset!) all the rooms are triple - £135. I do still have 2 but changing booking tomorrow. Can I have your e mail address for the booking - once it's changed to your name can you call the hotel to give them your credit card number. Will e mail you once it's all changed
    Good luck and enjoy - I did my first in 09 and loved it.
  • Sorry to mess you around Mouser but I think I'm going to stay at a friends after speaking to them this evening, thanks though.
  • No worries at all - enjoy every moment on the 22nd April!
  • HI Mouser

    Any of these still available?  I cant DM you

    cheers wtgy

  • Yes there are.

    E mail me at and I will let you have details

  • Hi
    Have changed the booking for those that wanted it - can you let me know if you got the e mail re payment etc please
  • i have had to withdraw tomorrow but have a great hotel room which I cannot cancel. Anyone interested? It's the De Vere Devonshire House which is right on the edge of the park, short stroll to the start line, lovely brekkie, etc...I've stayed there three times and it is a great start to marathon day. Cost is £199. Please reply or email if interested. Thanks!

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