Gps Watch...Which?

I have read over quite a few reviews about GPS watches and im still clueless on which to go for.....

 At the moment i use my iphone with runkeeper app but its really starting to annoy me.... esp in summer as most of my shorts dont have pockets...   So ive decided its time to get a watch...

 It looks like lots of people have the Garmin ones..... however ive just seen the 305 and it looks pretty chunky for me..... (I know its not all about looks though) .... Im not really bothered about heart rate monitor just av pace and the basics.....

The Nike one looks nice but ive read a few poor reviews, but also a few good ones too....

Can anyone give me some sound advice.... image


  • I'm using a Suunto m5 which is my first "running watch", plus pulse belt and GPS pod.

    Three BIG minuses:

    1) This watch does not record split times, as such can not give info about pace

    2) Separate GPS means another gadget to carry

    3) The website (for uploading/logging training) is poor ( - does not give enough information or option to manipulate, does not plot routes in map (you have to do that manually, even if you are using a GPS, how stupid is that), only possible to export single training sessions to .xls, - and it keeps crashing

     If I knew what I wanted when I bought it I would definitely have gone for built-in GPS and probaly a Garmin. They have some smaller models. But built in GPS= shorter battery time, about 8 hours I think.

    For a quick fix (and cheap one!) buy an arm band for  your iPhone image

  • Im not too keen on the arm bands really...... otherwise i think i would have gone down that route... 
  • ChomskiChomski ✭✭✭
    Garmin Forerunner 610. You won't regret it.
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    My 305 has served me faithfully for three years, died the other day though image

    I've got the ok from Mrs C to go and spend loads on a nmice new shiney Garmin 910XT. Thought about the 610 but want the swimming stats you can get off the 910.

    Personally I'm a cheeleader for Garmin, nothing else comes close at the moment for what they can do and their connect website is about the best of the manufacturers upload sites.

    If you're not fussed about HR, try the 205. It's really not as chunky on your wristy as you may think. If you can, try one on in a shop.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • 610 is Expensive though Chomski. Great watch though.

    405cx or 410 depending on your budget... better than the 305 and a bit more watch like.

    110 is also good but doesn't do current pace only average lap, so not perfect if you want to do intervals at speed x.

    I've had a Suunto... great for the heart rate bits but not much else. Broke easily too, heart rate strap 2-3 times.

    The Nike + GPS has had a few good reviews, but I'd go garmin.

  • Darrell says that he's only interested in average pace, so the 110 might do the trick?

    It's the one I use & I've been very happy with it.

  • I'm looking for a good GPS watch... 610 looks lovely.

    What about the 405? The price difference is quite a bit, but is it any good for the GPS function?

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    I like the Nike GPS. Since buying my watch last year, new funcitonality has been added in the shape of an alarm and being able to run intervals. While this is not much just now, I wonder what else they can cram into the watch. The up side is that the watch is all you need. It will talk to your Nike + pod if the satellite signal is not received in an area of your run. It is also compatible with the Polar heart monitor belt.

    The Nike plus site offers a lot too. Yes there are problems with it but they are getting them sorted.  

    I have no experience with the Garmin units but I hear they are very good also.

  • Looks like the 110 might be what im looking for.... just going back to the Nike one.... do you need the Nike+ CHip for it to work??
  • Just as an aside, if you dont fancy an armband for the phone, I just got a mini waistpak for Christmas, large enough to hold a smartphone and key and cant tell its there once its on - Nathan Laboratories Shadow Pak, in wiggle sale just under £8.
  • Have you thought about the Garmin Forerunner 210. It does average or current pace, lap times (automatic or manual) and it can be programmed for intervals. It is very simple to use and the display is quite clear. The only downside to it is the charging/sync connection they have decided to use.

  • Chicken farm 405cx is the updated version of 405

    Tends to be cheaper too. There is the 410 also
  • i recently managed to drop enough hints to the OH and got a Garmin 410 for christmas.

    I researched most of the products available and the Garmin seemed to be the clear winner, The fact that it is the only product available with built in GPS did it for me. Didn't want to be wearing a foot pod or extra arm band find them quite annoying. The garmin connect site is excellent too as I seem to be a little obsessed by numbers and times this site does it all.

    The only downsides that I've noticed are because it is so accurate i was not running as far as i thought i was in the past the map my run measurements were a little out ( did say i was obsessed by times and distances). and the pulled muscle i've had in my back that has meant i have been unable to run for the last two weeks, but back out tomorrow.

    Go for the Garmin.

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    You don't need the Nike Pod to work it with. All the tech is in the watch, however if you run through woods then the GPS signal may get lost and it automatically looks for a pod. If you don't have Nike running shoes, you can buy a little wallet that attaches to the laces to contain the pod.

  • I know a couple of people whove bought 610s and love thm. Personally, I love my 310xt (longer battery life and waterproof version of the 305, but now superceeded by the 910xt). Its a bit overkill if youre only looking for average pace etc, but once you see all it does, yuoul be glad you bought it. Dont be put off by the size. Youre going to be wearing it running, not in the pub. Id always go for garmin as their 'garmin connect' site is brilliant for logging/comparing your activities
  • Sweatshop have a basic Garmin (110?) on half price offer for £75 right now.

     I've got a 405 and I'm pretty happy with it, wish I'd paid a bit more for the 405cx though as it bases its calorie consumption data on your heart rate as well as speed/distance which is more accurate than the 405.

    Having said that, even though I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer model,  I don't use half the functions available on the 405 and would probably have been just as happy with the most basic one... image

  • I just picked up the 405cx for £124.00 on Amazon. Cheaper than the 405!!

    I spent a lot of time pondering between Garmin and the Nike one but the reviews on the Nike are terrible and I can see the fact that the usb is part of the strap being a problem when you get sweaty in the summer.

    I used to have a 305 and didnt have any problems with that so I would recommend the Garmin range but thats only my view.
  • Hi. Just found this great thread! Pardon my ignorance, having read all the above, I am still not clear. I'm thinking of getting my first, sounds like Garmin is the one to go for. Which model should I go for if I don't want any calorie counter or heart rate, and don't want any swimming stats etc. I just want split times and pace info (not just average pace). Thanks!
  • Garmin 110 is the best basic model. It won best watch by its users in RunnersWorld 

    The next model up is the Garmin Forerunner 210 - the Forerunner 210 has the added felxibility of 5 x heart rate training zones (self set or auto set) plus the option of setting intervals for those who want to train at variable intensity / pace throughout a single period. The Forerunner 210 is aimed for the runner / exerciser who wants just a bit more control of their sessions, and not just feedback on heart rate, pace, speed, distance and calories, as supplied by the Forerunner 110

  • Sticky... having the hrm option available is very handy. You don't have to use it all the time, or ever.

    With the other models without, you can't add the feature in after.

    so 205 (without) /305/405 or 405cx would be good for you. 210 as well.. though its more expensive than these models.

    as I said above, 405cx is cheaper than 405 and has everything you need. or go for a 305.

  • I'm still a fan of the 305.  Some great deals around.  You don't have to wear the HR strap, but it's there if you want the data.  There is more data recorded than most mortals can comprehend and the display is clear even for a going-blind-through-age-middle-aged-fart like me!  and the battery life is great (8 hours +) so there is no need to rush your runs. image  You can also use it on a bike if you fancy dipping your toe into multisport.

    I know it's not the latest bling, but there are plenty of us still sporting them at running events.  

    and as for the "chunky" label.  i don't notice it and I've got pretty skinny wrists....

  • If youre thinking 305, go 310xt instead. Waterproof and better battery life for if you get into doing ultras
  • Im really swaying towards the Garmin 110 now i think too many people are putting me off the nike one.... I do run trail quite a bit so i dont want the gps lost if im in a woodland area....

    Cant believe i missed the offer at sweatshop last week £74.99 for a Garmin one image
  • Knowing your pace is really useful Darrell, missing on the 110. Intervals, training, all sorts.

    Its fantastically useful to have a pace alert to speed up / slow down in a race. Sticking to that 1-2 min range around your pace aim.

    My old 201 from 5 years ago had it.
  • Garmin is the way to go. Good value and works with every website...just about. I love my 305 and if you look hard there are good deals on the 110 or the 305 at times.

  • <a href="" title="Visit Fit-Running-Cat member profile">Fit-Running-Cat</a> yeah i think your right actually... knowing your pace is actually what i have aswell as av pace on my phone app......

    Ive actually just spoken to a good friend of mine who has a 110 and partner has a Nike+ and her opinion is the nike is better than the 110.....  Esp since Nike did some updates... the gps is apparently tons better now and it gives more stats tan the 110......
  • I got my first GPS watch this Christmas, and, after loads of research, I got a Garmin 210. It cost 200 quid with a HR monitor, and I spent another 40 quid on a footpod (not needed really, but I liked having another statistic on my runs and also the ability to record treadmill runs on my watch).

    In the few weeks I have had it, it seems to be ideal for my purposes. The GPS information plots very accurately on the map compared to the data I used to get from my Samsung Galaxy s2 and runkeeper. The downside is my performance has comparatively got worse as the SGS2 was overestimating my distance! The only potential problem I have noticed is that there was once a tiny bit of condensation on the inside of the watch face when I had gone out in sub-zero temperatures, but it soon vanished and has not reappeared.

    I also was interested in the Nike GPS Sportswatch, but it was removed from sale from Sweatshop when I tried to buy it. Further investigation showed that there had been lots of problems with the watch uploading the information to the Nike+ website. The only way of using the data is on the Nike site, unlike the Garmin where you can export the data into other applications such as Runkeeper. I also looked at the more expensive Motoactv, but the battery life looked a bit crap

    If you do not need current pace or speed or intervals on your watch, the Garmin 110 would be more than fine for you, but for the extra 70 quid I think the 210 is the business for me.
  • 205/ 305 have been sub 100 quid at times though, and newer model 405cx 125-140 pounds.. Lot cheaper than the 210.

    I've done lots of gym work with 405cx, played football like here, to see HRM details. Pretty good.

    It's not perfect, but what is ?
  • I have a Garmin 305, it's a bit chunky but it's my favourite bit of equipment! I have had it just over a year now and it has accompanied me on all my runs ever since!! It does splits, average time, distance, heart rate, you can plan training schedules, follow routes, create routes on line and then upload them to the watch, race against a virtual runner and probably loads more that I have yet to discover!! Oh, you can use it for biking too, but I've never had the need!!

    I'm not sure what other garmin watches offer but I'd never be without mine!!

    I did research other GPS watches but I'd say Garmin all the way!! You won't be sorry!!
  • I use the Garmin Forerunner 610. good piece of kit. Garmin seem to be the most reliable by all accounts.
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