Good days and bad days

I was wondering if i am the only one with this problem. Well, is not really a problem, but more of a strange thing..............

when i get enxious about the distance or speed or my training schedule i don't do very well: i get  tired easily and don't preform as well as other times.

when i try to make an effort and push myself a bit further i get the opposite result.

But the funny thing is that when i go for a "relaxed run", with no aims, only to enjoy myself running at an easy pace and get fresh air................and i tell to myself "I am just doing an easy fun joghen.....i end up running faster and more distance without even noticing it!

is that normal?

last month i went for one of those leisure jogs and ended up doing 20k in just over 2 pounding the pavement in my town listening to music.....................but when i try to do the same sticking to a training schedule i find it hard to keep trying to push myself and making an effort does not work for me......

Am i the only one?


  • I knocked 12 mins off my 8-mile easy run time on Sat without planning to go "fast" and not even heart-rate was lower than over the same route a few months ago so maybe I'm like you too! I doubt I would have gone that fast if I'd set out to beat my time like that!
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