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Can someone explain in plain language how to use the gears, I've just got myself a bike & thinking of doing the Deva Diva this year, the run is no problem & I'm already doing swim training, but I've not done much road cycling.


  • Can yo give some idea as to which bike you have, manufacture and model and age, as this will let us know what sort of gears you have

  • Go along to the Deva Diva's training sessions, and you will also get loads of help
  • WW - all gears work the same essentially

    simply, if you want to go slowly or uphill, you need a "lower gear" - this is done by selecting a smaller ring at the front and a bigger ring at the back. conversely if you want to go faster or downhill, then you need a "bigger gear" which means a bigger ring at the front and a smaller ring at the rear. don't get freaked by numbers of teeth yet, just work on size.

  • I've got a specialized dolce 2010.  I've just been out for my first ride on it & managed the gears on the right hand, going up down them but what about those on the other side when do I use them, sorry for seeming a bit thick but I've never had much to do with the workings of bikes (& I know I'll have to).

  • WW - read my post - that explains.

    in general the big ring at the front is when you want to go faster, downhill or just give yourself a good beasting (work harder); the smaller front ring when you want to go uphill or slower.

    there are combinations of large front/large back which are essentially the same as small front/small back and you get to learn what these are with more riding you do. many riders will stay in the large ring at the front and just go up and down the gears at the rear for ease and only use the front when the going gets tougher.

    trial and error works for most people. simple as!
  • WW - fat buddha speaks clearly, I have the same bike with three chain rings at the front and I stay mainly in the middle one, just changing through the gears on the right hand and only using the left one for hills or downhill like what he said.
    It is just practice, think yourself lucky you are not converting from a different make of bike where the left hand controls work the other way round, that caused a bit of cursing to start with as I came to a halt going uphill after selecting the wrong front ring.
  • Thanks for your explanations I'm sure I'll get it with a bit of practise.
  • Just checking this to ensure you're not the Wicked Witch I divorced some years ago. Stupid really because she couldn't stand exercise of any sort!!
    As you were!! image
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