Semi marathon de Paris

Damn have just realised i've done something very stupid.

Has anyone done the paris half before? And if so, how strict are they on you collecting your own bib?

Just realised they don't post bibs you have to collect them, but bib collection finishes at 19.00 on Saturday 3rd March - and our Eurostar gets in to Paris at 19.47!!

As you require ID and a medical certificate to collect i'm wondering if it is poss to get someone else to do this for you?

What a doofus image


  • I think you can get someone else to collect, if they have all your details, etc.

    We collected ours the day before, and I am sure they had a collection point for people other than the runners to collect their numbers - however check on their website first, as we had to show our passports to collect our numbers so it must need some pretty good authorisation.

    Good Luck, it's a great race.

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭
    Lady Char, I've collected bibs for other people and have a couple of ' proforma' letters  that I used. *Message me if you want help setting  up collection by someone else. *You have to authorise someone, give them a copy of your Letter of Confirmation of Registration( which you won't have, yet) AND a copy of your passport...unless you have a European ID card. I'm doing the Half but, like you, will arrive late and will probably have to have my own collected or I would offer. image
  • Excellent thanks for the advice.

    ATM - I'll see you there!

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

    Lady, C, it's worth while setting this up beforehand ( hence the letters ) and definitely worth having your Medical Certificate lodged and accepted now, not at the Expo. If you intend to present the Certificate at the Expo, remember to get is signed AND stamped... practice name/address/telephone...* Mine bounced , this year, because of no stamp but  at least I had time to resubmit.)

    I've done the Half a few times.You'll enjoy it image

  • ATM!!! hiya!!image

    My running club is doing the half! There's about 30 of them and they'll be wearing either white or green vests with "Runners Chieti" on them!! Are you doing the half & the mara???

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I've done a few French races over the last couple of years (not this one though), and they have accepted my UK:A Competition Licence instead of a medical certificate.

    MIght be worth checking?

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

    Hi, Molly! We'll definitely look out for them.( Tartanpimpernel and I will be in Irn-Bru tops image in the Half and, probably, Saltire vests in the full mara'. )Are you doing Paris, this year? Any races in Italy?

    Wilkie, what's a competition Licence? I assume I don't have one. * I offered proof of membership of Scottish Athletics but no deal...*

  • No I'm doing Terni mara in Feb, Rome in March and after six years waiting....Londonimage

    I'll get my pals to look out for you!!!

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭
    image We'll listen out for ' Bella, bella, bella...'  .And congratulations on your longed-for London place.( Still doing multiple maras, I see. image . Go, Molly! *
  • My little brother is doing Paris mara and he'd better not beat my PB or else! I think I may need you to trip him up..........image
  • ATMATM ✭✭✭
    Point him in the direction of the Paris Mara' thread, Molly,  so we can bury him in info' about the portaloos image
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    ATM wrote (see)

    Wilkie, what's a competition Licence? I assume I don't have one. * I offered proof of membership of Scottish Athletics but no deal...*

    As I'm a "competing member" of my running club, and have a card from England Athletics. 

    It says "competition licence" on it, along with my name, club name, etc. 

    Is your Scottish Athletics membership different?

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

    Yep.They've just confirmed they don't issue cards anymore.I have an email with my name and membership number .They say that 'competition licence' means nothing to them but I see that my membership benefits include the right to 'compete 'in various championships . I have to pause , here, to laugh..

    I'd hoped to get something to wave in front of me because I hope to join a French club for a while and every clubsite I've seen demands a copy of a (French ) Licence.* I'll get knowhere trying to discuss the whole SA website. * However,SA have suggested that I find out what any particular club wants and get back to them.

    In any event, I think whatever I could produce would not do for the Paris Half or Mara.The website  refers to the relevant legislation and it seems pretty specific.If you don't have a licence from one of the bodies listed, you need a medical certificate.

    And yet your was accepted elsewhere in France.

    Sometimr, when you are really , really bored and have nothing to do, 'fancy scanning a copy of yours to the address on the mara' webpage and asking if yours would do for those two races?image I wouldn't mind knowing so I could go back to SA ,  if the answer's 'yes'. My GP's great but many charge a fair whack for these certificates.

  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

    I've just remembered entering Venice...The Italians accepted my SA membership as a licence from an affiliated body.I explained that we weren't required to udergo medicals but I offered my current' Paris' one , anyway ,so I don't know if I would have got away with just my membership. * The terms of the Italian medical certificate were pretty exacting.I couldn't see my GP ever agreeing to sign it . *

    I like the system in Spain. Run/die/don't die...

  • SatmanSatman ✭✭✭
    I wonder if anyone can help me. Me and my partner have registered for the 2018 Semi de Paris Half Marathon. We registered, set up an ASO Challenge account and paid 100 euros. We had our place confirmed.
    now they've sent us an e-mail saying we need to type this code they've sent us to complete the registration but NOWHERE does it tell you how or where to put this code.
    Has anyone done this before? It has to be done by the end of December, otherwise we can't do it.
    I'd be grateful for anyone's help with this
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