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'I am concentrating on off-roading and ultras this year (Excalibur Marathon – 31st March, Sandstone Trail 33m – 12th May and Lakeland 50 – 28/9th July) before dabbling in the world of tri with my first half-IM in September (Vitruvian).'

God help you image

Seriously, well done, you will have a very experienced mentor  !!



  • Yeh Frodo!!! image
  • Happy Birthday, Plum! image

    Holy carp....
  • well done worked well for me last year image
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Go Go Frodo!!
    see, that even rhymes - it was obviously meant to be
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Well done and i'm in awe of your challenges this year!
  • Whoop whoop, a Mundanie winsimage

    Congrats  Frodo - without giving too much away, I know that last year was pretty carp for you at times, so I'm really pleased for you that you're beginning this year on such a positive note.

    Any news on the dog-vote?

  • Yay Frodo, you won Plum! image
  • B wrote (see)
    Yay Frodo, you won Plum! image
    Good god, thats hardly something to celebrate !!   image
  • Thanks guys!
    Am all image and image and image and image and a little image

    PS Jeepers, I think the dog-vote is a dead comp image but, technically, Bear wins this with me as my training partner image

    I think I may be overdosing on smileys...
  • image Nice one plum and Frodo.
  • Woot woot woot yay and fab, congrats Frodo image image image
  • many congrats Frodo, imageimage , a place well deserved !!

    was just about to post about how I would be lurking somewhat on this thread, but then did a refresh on the main page image ... so now looking forward to plenty of inter-thread encouragment  (and no this doesn't mean I've signed up to the Sandstone Trail ........ yet !!! image )

  • image....nice one Frodes!
  • Excellent Frodo, good luck!

  • Thanks guys image

    I suspect my mentor is out enjoying his birthday...
  • and at his age he cant have many more to go   image
  • I *might* have made that joke, or something similar on the Kitchen thread earlier today.
    Little did I realise just how badly that could come back to bite me on the ass image
  • lol!!
  • Well done Frodo, after sharing some sub 4 threads with you, and tracking Plum and Mike Frog's sub 4 last year I think you will smash it. We still get to make puppy jokes too, so all good.
  • Did we make sure the nursing home has WIFI? Congrats to you and Bear. Maybe Bear can teach Plum how to swim?
  • woooo, well done Frodo!
  • Ha

    Just for that you will all suffer together......
    As guessed I was out on the wine tonight but will drop you a mail tomorrow Frodo to get some info together to make sure we are singing off the same hymn sheet.....
    You just dont realise how lucky you are image
  • ............. and the bad news for you is I am doing Vit as well.....image
  • How's the head, boss? image
  • Well done Frodo on being picked, I'll try and follow this thread as well as mine. I cant believe how lucky we are!  It's so exciting.

  • Lucky is not the word I would use..... unless of course you have ear plugs.

    I have done the normal "fill in this Questionnaire" mail to Frodo so once I get a bit of a clue where I am starting from we will be off and running hopefully literally as well as metaphorically.  I am going to try to move all the peole from last years sub 4 onto here so we dont all get confused... not difficult at my age.

    Anyone else coming to play on here lets have a few details about starting points and aspirations etc and we can all play nicely together   image

    Me I am douing VLM this year and looking for something starting with 3  image

    My head is fine.... I is an affletete and only had a few glasses of red honest.....

  • good luck frodo- will be following your thread with interest as one day I'd love to get a sub 4!!!
  • Plum wrote (see)
    ............. and the bad news for you is I am doing Vit as well.....image
    MMmuuuuaaarrrrhhhhhh!!!!!!! image Frodo just a throught but you might have a mentor for other things to. *nudge nudge wink wink.*image
  • Nice one Frodo... good luck with your Sub 4. I am sure you will make it look easy image
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