Time between runs

I try and run three times a week. More if time will allow, but life seems to get in the way sometimes. You want to run, but you have family, or got to do a long day work pattern. I last ran on Friday, and am now running tomorrow, i.e. Tuesday. Its a gap i dont like. I try and do alternate days.

Question to people. Do you have the same problem? And should a gap of a few days, in theory, make a difference?

In a perfect world i would be running alternate days, maybe doing a cycle etc. I do, do leg exercies when i cant run though. I stretch, i try and do a fast walk or something.

Like i say though, do many people have the same problem i do?


  • I think missing the odd run won't make much difference, you do need to have a life too! But if you get most of your runs in I wouldn't have thought it would make much difference
  • I also try to run on alternate days but slip a lot during winter - maybe it's harder to get it in before work, also because of a string of colds etc. Someone somewhere wrote that winter may be the time to make sure you're ticking along rather than make huge progress in speed work etc so I stopped lamenting, try to do what I can and look forward to the Spring. Also might finally take the plunge to join the local club. Like mathschick says, if you do good sessions in you still get the benefit even if it's twice per week rather than 3 times
  • thought this was going to be a thread about how long to leave in between runs when you run twice a day. Whoops.

    It depends what you're used to with training. If you're used to running 2 or 3 times a week, and you miss the odd one it won't damage you.

    If you're used to big mileage and struggling to fit 2 or 3 runs a week in, then it will have a big effect!
  • I have the same problem really. Usually manage 2 to 3 runs a week but sometimes work, family etc means there can be quite a gap between runs. But to be honest it doesn't effect things greatly. After all I'm no Olympic athlete but do enjoy my running, I just accept my limits within the training time available to me.

  • Hi to everyone

    i train before work . usually my session is about 7 k (32-35 mins) . I starded 3 times for w . Now i train 5/6 time a week . I've 2 guys and a child . My wife give me this time . i feel better after my training and i help her for the homeworks.

    good run



  • I guess it's just a matter of balancing up the different priorities in life. When my kids were younger I decided I really had to focus more on them, and running took more of a back seat - running 2 or 3 times a week etc. I found it hard to do that regularly and quite frequently had gaps of not running at all.
    Now they are older, and I've realised that although my evenings are pretty busy being their taxi driver & other commitments, I can get up an hour earlier, and run more or less every day!
    Are there ways you can introduce more activity into your life without taking up a "training session" time. e.g. running or cycling to work?
  • Everyone's different. Well, thanks for all the advice, and i did do an 8 mile run on Tuesday after a 3-4 day break, and still did it in 57.53, which is about the pace i like to keep. I always approach my runs now, with the attitude of just enjoy them, not look at my Garmin watch much, and see what my body wants to do.

    Bottom line. Yes you can have a break of a few days like you all have said. A few days is different to a few weeks, but i am not going to test that theory if i can help it.

  • hi runners

    i think is a good rule to respect yours limits first and enjoy my running. i often run with my garmin but only to remember my mileage . Maybe i run to keep my stress . What is your opionion about it?   

  • Doing some weight training on one of your 'free' days would be ideal or maybe some sort of yoga/pilates based activity.

    Running puts a strain on muscles and ligaments and doing strengthing exercises will help guard against injury.

  • i cant stop running ive been running 6 out of 7 days for a while now. 

    i did 4 miles earlier and when i got back my friend rang me and asked if i wanted to go for another run about an 1 1/2 later is it bad for me to run like this?


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