Dukeries Ultra - 26 May 2012

I would just like to let you know about a new ultra that we are organising for May this year.

The Dukeries Ultra will offer the option of either 30 or 40 miles on an undulating course that should be pretty fast. There are also relay options of 3 x 10ish miles or 4 x 10ish miles.

More details can be found on our website http://www.dukeriesultra.co.uk

If you have any questions, please contact me either by email through the site or on here.

Hope to see some of you in May.

Roger L-S


  • Just spotted this - was looking for a nice warm up event for RunTheWall and this looks ideal!

    Just off to check my schedule then I think it's time to enter!


  • The wall run looks like an excellent event. And as you say we are about 4 weeks beforehand so would be a good warmup.

    We might not have the big steep climbs of the North, but the up ascents we do have are testing enough as they go on and on and on and on and on.......

    Hope that doesn't put anyone off ;o)
  • Well, that's me entered! Only the 30, don't want to overdo it! Looking forward to it though - caravan club site booked at Clumber Park, so the wife and hound can wave and cheer as I head through the area!
  • If the Caravan Club site is were I think it is, they may not even have to leave the site to wave you on. Although through the trees and down by the lake might be more scenic for them.

    Look forward to meeting you in May.
  • Hi Roger,

    Really looking forward to this one, I've touted it on another  couple of forums (Running Bug and Runners Forum) and it's got some interest there as well  (definitely one entry from Running Bug). It's also no longer a warm up race because i've pulled out of The Wall Run - 15 miles along the Wall and 40 miles on road wasn't what I signed up for LOL!!

    I know Clumber Park fairly well (ish!!) - did a 10k there and an Audax cycling event a few years ago - it's a lovely place!

  • I'd hadn't looked that closely at the route for The Wall. If you would like to change up from the 30 to 40 at The Dukeries just drop me an email and I can do the admin.

    Thanks for spreading the word. That is one of the best things about runners, when they find something they like they usually want to share it image
  •   Will be doing Dukeries [ my first ultra since 1989 ] as its on my door step,run parts of the route every sunday .also enterd the ladybower 50 in september


  • For anyone who is still deciding whether to do the 30 or 40 mile run, we will be leading a free recce of stage 3 on Saturday 24 March.

    There will be cake and hot drinks at the end.

    Please send an email to info @ dukeriesevents.co.uk if you want to come along so we know how much cake to buy.
  • Just signed up for this one, rude not to as its just a few miles from my home in Mansfield.

    Nice to have what looks to be a great event on my doorstep. Joined the local club for a run around Clumber a couple of Sundays ago and really enjoyed it.

    Not one to turn down free tea and cake, will be there for the recce.
  •  Ran  the section through clumber and this part of route yesterday ,total of 22 miles,was hard going with

     with the snow and ice,will try to make one on the 24 march

  • I'm going to aim for the recce - it's only a couple of hours drive so i'm very tempted....
  • Wow what a great response! The idea of the recce is that no one gets left behind, but you are of course welcome to go on ahead if you want.

    Daytrekker: Well done on that distance in the snow! Hope you like the way the course is fitting together. Did you do the full out and back by the Scout Camp?
  • Think I'll just do the 30 as I am doing a 24 hour event a couple of weeks before
  • Lightweight !
    Think I might just stick with the 30 myself though image
  • Which 24hr event is that Hellen?
  • I've just changed over to the 40 - what's another 10 miles between friends LOL!!!
  • I'm in Lincoln so this is as local as they come for me - will have to check with diary. It's also my birthday on the 28th - what betterway to celebrate!!
  • Good call Rich, go for it!

     The course is looking good,i didnt do the out and back section along the sand bank near the scout camp,due to the weather,but will do it eather this weekend or next.Plan to run the middle section in a couple of weeks,Not sure which distance to do as this will be my first ultra since 1990,

  • It's Basel 24 hour

    Hello cheeky Ian!
  •  Ran the Clumber,Creswell and Welbeck sections today [22m] a bit of road,loads of ice,snow and mud,on the trail sections, glad of my seal skin socks and trail shoes.Have bike this route loads of time,but in the opposite direction,was a bit of a shock to the system cumming up the hill from Welbeck,Anyone planning on running in road shoes DONT .
  • This sounds exactly what I'm looking for! Must sign up tomorrow.
    Anyone staying at the YHA?
  • Yay, another forum member doing it!

    Nope, I'm at the Caravan Club site in Clumber Park

  • Don't suppose they let scruffy tents in there do they?
  • LOL, no, unfortunately I think that's one of the club members only ones. Try www.ukcampsite.co.uk - we've used them for searching for years.
  • Loz

    Maria and I may be staying at the YHA at least the night before. It's only a couple of miles down the road, but we are thinking it will be easier to be on site getting ready rather than driving over on the morning.

    If you call 01623-825794 and speak to the hostel direct they have said they can offer better rates to race entrants.

     However if you prefer to camp Sherwood Forest Holiday Park is only just down the road.

    Daytrekker: I think you will know the route better than we do soon!

    We are up to 30 entries now and getting lots of interest from people asking what the entry limit is because they are waiting to see how their spring marathons go before entering.

     Hope everyones training is going well

     Roger L-S

  •  Maria there's also a camp site at Market Warsop which is only a few miles from Edwinstowe,

    Roger : i should know the route pretty well as i only live 2 mile from Clumber,and have been mountain biking and running the area for the last thirty years.Still haven't entered yet as unsure what distance to do,as this will be my first ultra.The routes easy enough to follow even with out a map,and as a good mix of terrain.IF anyone wants to do a steady run around any of the route before the 24march,leave a message,as i will be doing parts of it most Sundays.

  • 30 entries is really good, Roger - mine will almost certainly be with you soon. What's the 30/40 mile split in the entries so far?
  • Hi Rich

     It is actually up to 32 now! Had the first two ladies enter the 40 today.

     So that now makes it 8 in the 30 (3M/5F) and 24 in 40 (22M/2F)

     As for entry limits, we are sure the course could easily handle 100 runners.

    Daytrekker, if you are running 22 miles at a time I would have thought the 40 would be a good target for you, but if you did enter and wanted to change the distance before the race we could always change you over.

     Roger L-S

  • Hi all,

    thinking of entering for the 40 as my final loooong training run before Shap 100k which is 1 month later.

    Does anyone have any opinions whether the 40m might be a bit too soon before tapering for Shap and that 30 might be the better option? Not done Dukeries before so any comments gratefully received.

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