half marathon training in treadmill

Is it possible to train for marathon in treadmill as I dont like the cold. I regularly run 10k in treadmill with speed of 10.5 and incline of 1.5


  • You can do it on a treadmill if you want to - but you should get some runs outside as well for best results.
    You'd not train for an open water swimming event purely in a pool ? So you need to run outside for outside races. You soon warm up anyway.

    It's a good idea to use incline on the tready - I use 1.0% but don't do all of your runs at the same pace. Check out the training schedules.
  • What will you do if the day of your marathon dawns and it is northerly winds and horizontal rain? This is Great Britain - the weather can be appalling even in summer. As Cougie says you CAN train on a treadmill but I think you'd find that the race itself will feel a damn site harder because it is outside. Ie: more impact, wind resistance, and the fact that by it's nature a treadmill actually "carries" you forward. It is harder to run outside - you could end up rather disappointed in your performance.
  • I am a regular TM user and echo Cougie's advice. The difference between roads and TM running is considerable on the thighs so at least make sure you do the Long Slow Runs on the road to build up endurance for the big day. Try Hal Higdon or RW marathon schedules for starters. This also means that you can't predict a 10.5 marathon pace off long TM run at that pace although the 1.5% incline will definitely compensate a fair bit.
  • TBH I dont find running on a treadmill any easier than outside - my times in races vs on the tready are pretty similar. I do think treadmills have their place, but most of the running needs to be steady miles, and they're usually more fun outside. I usually save the treadmill for some fast runs so I can monitor pace easily and not have to think about where I'm running.

    Its a weird sport if you train in a room and race outside.
  • Treadmill is point A to B but a run outside also has obstacles,anything from fellow human beings with dogs/children in tow or just running around bollards.These cannot be replicated and you need to ensure you are looking up while you are running ( i have come close to running into a lampost image)

    To answer the original question is "Yes" would agree with previous posters not half as much fun..image

  • Due to asthma I train on a treadie in cold weather. Great for speed training. Like Cougie, I set at 1%. Has it's place but steady runs best done in the open environment if for no other reason than to beat the boredom!
  • I did all the training for my first 10k on a treadmill. Never more than 5k in one go and at 10kph. I did hill intervals to make it more interesting. I did the 10k in 56mins, it was a hilly off road one. It didn't realise I was moving faster than I had been on the mill. It might have been the fact it was hill intervals rather than on the flat or it might have been the fact that I was having fun running with others outside.
  • Just think how exhilarating it is for us pit ponies to be let out on race day! And to see the horizon actually change (if only slowly) - pure amazing by the way.
  • I agree with Starcelt. I think running and training outside is much more fun whatever the weather (except ice!).
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