Mizuno Reading Half Marathon

Who's in? (I am and I'm not going to be tempted by the beer and pork scratching table this year!)


  • Have just found out that I can't run - bit gutted, but family do has to come first.  This means I "unofficially of course" have 1 ladies place available - I think I put 2.05 on my entry so I guess it'll be a green number.
  • Hi Runners, 

    I am the Running Events Fundraiser forThe Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, and I have lots of charity places left...if anyone is interested, please let mw know asap.



  • That's odd innit.
  • I'm in, running my first half marathon for Brainstrust.

     Heard lots of good things out this event so looking forward to it, even if the weather is having an impact on my training! (Cold air really hurts my lungs!!)

  • Well done Matt. You going for a time?
  •   hi   my friend has just recovered from an injury   so has anyone got a spare race number   ??

  • @johnny2323 Cheers, well it depends on my training. Just got over a sprained ankle.

     Went for a test run tonight, meant to do 5 miles but ended up doing 7 in 60mins dead so on that basis will be aiming for 1.50 image

  • I'm just coming back from injury too. Last two Reading Half's I've hobbled round so would settle for getting round pain free but would love anything in the 1:50s.

    I'm getting excited, feels close now.
  • Feels too close!!

     What with the snow then injury, I can feel time slipping away! lol

  • Hi - I have 2 ladies places available as my running buddy was injured and I haven't trained enough for it.  We also have a car park place. Please let me know if you want to run??


  • Hi, was wondering if anyone had a race entry they can't use, i would be willing to buy it off you.



  • Hi, I'm running in Reading on the 1st and have never ran it before. Are there any key elements I should plan for?

  • Hi Davie

    it's a great race. Only a couple of minor hills. Really well supported and a good atmosphere. Stadium finish is brilliant.

    Bigest thing is to manage your time well at the start - it's a big field and easy to misjudge early pace and also easy to misjudge how long you'll need to get from village to start line.

    The end always gets me too, you need to keep focus as seeing the stadium ahead of you lulls you into a sense that you're almost there but the final stretch along then dual carraigeway and then doubling around the stadium can be quite a grind.
  • Thanks Johnny!

    I'll try to focus on the distance left rather than seeing the stadium at the end!

    I tried to follow the route on google maps and got a bit lost. Looking forward to it. Aiming for a PB!!!

    See you all there!
  • I live in Reading and have run the 1/2 several times now. 

    I have to second that the support en route is brilliant, especially the first few miles through Whitley and then around the University.

    Parts of the Tilehurst Road are usually packed with supporters and especially along Leibenrood Road.

    To be honest, the only stretch that is a little void of support is the final 2 miles back to the statium as it's run mostly on duel carrigeway and not amongst houses.

    As the previous poster said, don't be lulled by thinking the stadium is 'just up the road'.


  • Not long to go now - looking forward to this!!

     Hope everyone's training is going well!

  • HI

    I would really like to run this race but think I may have missed the deadline, would be interested to run for charity if there are spaces available or buy a place off someone if they are unable to run.



  • Anyone need a number??? if so message me direct

    Rich 0

  • I'm now out of the country and will not be able to use my place or the hotel room I have booked at Penta Hotel.  Looking to offload both as neither is refundable. 


    Room was £55, worth every penny to save a ridiculously early start (race starts at 10:00)

    Please message me thropugh this site if you're interested in either 

  • Got my pack through this weekend!
  • I have signed up for this but never ran it before and I have a slight concern over the crowds and where to stand at the start in order to get a good time.  Everyone on here is saying that its a fast course and great for getting a PB but I have heard other comments from running friends that it is very congested at the start and takes a while to actually get to the start line before you can actually start your watch etc...

    So my question really is where should you line up in order to get a PB? near enough to the start or where ever you feel comfortable?  I am hoping for sub 1:50 but worried that wont happen due to congestion at the start and at the end when people are funnelling onto the dual carriageway?

    Thanks in advance image

  • hi runbug

    This will be my fourth Reading Half and each time I have run it there have been pacers, holding big signs with their target finish time on from 1:30 all the way up to, I think 2:30. So wisest thing to do is get in your colour zone early and look for one of the pacers - even if you don't stick with them it will get you going at around the pace you want to be and among runners of similar range.

    It is crowded as it is a very large field but the roads are very wide also. Apart from the first mile or so, when there is a lot of jockying for position it is fine - the biggest problem is a) slower runners starting too far forward in the field and b) people running with ipods on and having no awareness of runners around them - but all these things are all part and parcel of a larger race and best to see as part of the challenge.

    Last year I was very late to the starting area and actually ended up watching the elite start before joining the main field
  • Agree with Johnny, runners starting in the wrong time pens is the main reason for congestion at the start. So best to start at your predicted time pen then your're running alongside other runners at the same pace.

    I've done the past 9 Reading half and it is crowded at the start line and will take about 10 mins (at the 2 hour pen) to the start line once the gun goes, but it doesn't matter as you go by the chip time. Congestion isn't a big problem during the race, I think the main thing affecting a PB are the climbs at 2 and 7 miles!
  • Thanks guys - I feel a little better about this now, although it still dosent me feeling nervous in general about the whole race -  I just hope I enjoy it!

    I encounter lots of hills on my training runs so not too bothered about them during the race unless they are really steep.

  • You will enjoy it.  This will be my third.  Last year I was injured with my achilles at mile 6 so had to be bussed back to the Hilton - very very disappointing.  This year it has taken since then to heal the problem - its now healed and I'm looking forward to putting this one to bed!  Its a great race - the atmosphere is terrific - loads of support and the finish in the Stadium (although that last 3 miles is tedious!) is absolutely fantastic - you feel like you've just completed the Olympic Marathon!  The hills at 2 and 7 are a pain but they are relatively short lived. 

     It is my intention to retire after this one - so its my swansong!  So to all, have a great race - just waiting for my Race Pack to arrive.  image

  • My last bit of advice - if you're going for a time don't set your watch for 13.1 miles, in the three years I've done it my watch has been closer to 13.25 - worth baring in mind for PB hunters.
    btw - this doesn't mean the route isn't 13.1 - it's just a lot wider than most courses so you can end up running that much further on bends etc.

    Anyone know what elite runners are taking part this year?
  • No wonder I always feel so knackered then!
  • It's all in the mind Gladys, just pretend you're nipping out for a little jog.
  • Yeah right!  All I'm doing now is concentrating on not falling down again and adding to the multitude of bruises I am currently sporting!  Did almost 14 miles last Sunday and I reckon that's it for long runs.  I want the bruises - especially on my knees - to go down!   I must be mad - hence my retirement.


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