Marlborough Downs Challenge

Hi All

 Back again for another year - anyone else in?

Too Early to start a list I guess!



  • No it's not, I'm in too!
  • That is cool Kate - are you running Dorset Village Mara this year too?
  • I am indeed, what else have you got planned? I'm trying for 12 marathons/ultras in 2012, 8 booked already but more suggestions welcome!
  • Wow that is a lot!

    I have planned:

    White Horse Horse Half going to go for a PB on a nice flat course.

    Bath Beat - LDWA type event.

    Dorset Village Marathon.

    Marlborough Chalange

    a 10km in Bradford on Avon a week later to get a good time!

    And then the Welsh 3000's - plan to walk it for a run maybe later in the year or next year.

    Would like to do the North Downs 50 with a view to getting 2 points - but that is still a pipe dream.

     Did you do Snowdon?  I see it got on the top 10 races for 2011. 


  • Haven't done Snowdon but would like to. I did the NDW marathon last year, but the 50 is the shortest distance they are doing in 2012 so I will have a ponder on that one. Really well organised race.
  • Nice run yesterday 14 miles with Marathon pace on the way out and 30 seconds faster per mile on the way back. 

    Building the milage up now for the Dorset Village and M-Chalange.

    Going to be interesting with the Dorset Village a week before Marlborough, there was a weekend break between the two last year. 

    Are you aiming for a specific time at Dorset VM?

  • Oh, I hadn't noticed how close together they are, I'm on for a slow mooch in Marlborough then! Would be nice to go sub 4 for NDVM, but have Brighton 3 weeks before, and a 50K 2 weeks before that, so will have to see how various bits of me are holding together at that point. What about you?
  • Yes, with that schedule of races you will either be very fit and fast or falling apart! 

    3:45 to 4:00 would be fine by me with hopefully a bit in the tank for the next week! 

  • Another boing, has anyone been out on any of the route recently to see what havoc the filthy weather is playing?
  • I have not, but I am about 20 miles away and it has been wet!  So mud is to be expected I guess!

    Forecastis rain next week and scattered showers on Saturday.

    How are you looking for North Dorset, Kate?

  • Yes, I will pack my wellies, not too bad for Sunday I hope, Brighton went OK but far too busy for me, hoping for something which starts 3.4X on Sunday. What about you?
  • Would be happy with that too - going to go out at 8:30's ad see what happens! 

    Still have to save something for Marlborough!

  • Good luck T-Rex at Cardiff. 

    Weather looks better for us on this one than earlier in the week.  KateF are you still up for this one?


  • I am, will be slow though. Had a bit of a shocker at NDVM, nothing seemed to click and I only made 2 miles at target pace, just felt tired out. So, plenty of malt loaf today and will see how it goes. How about you, how did you fare on Sunday and how has the recovery gone?

  • Enjoyed NDVM - must work on self control at start as went out too fast as usual and paid for it in the last 2 miles.  Still got a 13 min+ PB so cannot be unhappy. 

    Sorry you had a bad one, sometimes it comes together and sometimes it does not.  You are doing a lot this year so maybe a shocker or two is expected? 

    Recovered fine and ready to go.  Will see if I can do better than last year so hopefully around 6 hours or so.  But not certain as may feel the marathon in my legs in the later stages. 


  • Wow, brilliant PB, you must be really chuffed, what did you finish in? I finished in 6.30 last year, so as long as I get in under 7 and get a new mug for Sunday morning's cuppa I'll be happy.

  • 3:47.  6:15 last year so the same would be fine.  But 6 would be amazing!

    New mug - last year the cuppa tasted very good out of it!

    Number 107 for me so shout if you see me - as you zoom past!

  • Weather forecast for tomorrow is great for running! Might be a bit cold in the wind along the ridges.

     I'm expecting plenty of mud, so just as well its my first time,  I have no expectations.

  • Hi Richie, how did you enjoy that?

    Got around in 5:58 - had to push the last 3 as was 1 minute behind the 6 hour schedule at the checkpoint so did the last 3 rather quicker than planned! 

    Great run and great weather!


  • Great effort Ben, particularly in the mud, I was a real wuss and went very gingerly through, one day I will get to meet you! 6.40 which I am happy with as I felt strong and smiley all the way round, what a great race, the views almost take away the pain.

    What's up next for you?

  • Great day out wasn't it; I just did the 20 miler and really enjoyed it. First few miles through the mud were tough but wow the views were stunning.

    Have a lovely set of blood blisters, one on each foot. Never had blood blisters before; what's the best way to deal with them?

  • Well done to everyone. Every one was really friendly on the 33 mile.

     I was very happy with 5:21. The worst bit was Avebury and then up onto the Ridgeway 25-29 miles. I really appreciated that the last 3 miles were a gentle down hill.

    The views were tremendous. The day will be a highlight of the year!

  • If you find out Piers let me know, I have a cracking blood blister too, exactly the same place on my foot as last year, my trail shoes clearly need more breaking in. Agreed Richie, great race, very impressive time for you too.

  • Great time Richie - Wow can only dream of that!  Kate I think I ran a bit with you in the begining, just after the third style  or so.  Waverly Harriers top?  I had a red Frome shirt on.

    I also struggled a bit at Avebury and up over the Ridgeway.  But got my fifth or sxth wind as I passed over the Ridge and then onto the last checkpoint and sprint (well shuffle sprint!).  I blame it on North Dorset Marathon last week!!  But I felt better than I did last year.

    Wessex Relay for me next Sunday from Tolalrd Royal to Upton Lyme 67 miles, but I am only doing 23 of it so not too bad.  Then Frome Half, 54321 in Salisbury, Kennet And Avon Ulta.  That is all I have permission for at present, but sure there will be more!


  • First ultra and was feeling a bit nervous as my longest training run had been 17miles, but wanted to do this ever since I did the 20 a couple of years ago.  What can I say but that I cant imagine a better intro to ultras:  bluebell carpeted woods, glorious views from the downs (and a bit of mud!), the friendliest marshals (too tempting to stop for a natter at the CPs) and Macaroni Cheese after.  Best value day out I've had in a long time.

    Started well and the strategy of walking every hill kept my legs fresher than I remember on the 20.  I got a bit excited at halfway as I seemed to be on for 5hrs...... but the third quarter was tough (thanks to the runner with the Garmin who helped me out a mile or two out of Devizes when I was staggering about lost) and the hill out of avebury sooooo much harder than it should have been.  Wasn't tempted to do anything but jog v slowly to the finish for 5:27 with a big grin (for the last 50yds only).  Did the London 20 years ago and swore never to do anything that long again, this was such a different experience; Now looking for another!

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