Hamstring Injury


I've been getting pain round my hip and right in my butt cheek in my long rungs, with my leg aching afterwards and my leg is now aching during the night and waking me up.  It achies right down my leg and is worse in the morning, gets a bit better when I'm moving around but hurts and aches during the day when I'm sitting at my desk.

Sports Injury Therapist  said I had a hamstring injury but 6 appointments later and it's no better.  I told her at the start that my back was also aching and that I thought it could have been coming from my back as there is a sciatic nerve is in the butt and I thought that could be the problem, but she was still sure it was my hamstring. 

I can't afford any more treatment, I've already been resting and stretching lots, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Does anyone have any ideas or tips that I could try.

 I also don't know what other cardio to do that doesn't involve my hamstring as she told me I couldn't spin either so I've not put on a bit of weight as well which I'm none too happy about image

 Thanks everyone,



  • Hi Karen

    I read your comment in the 'Hamstring Tears' thread also. My advice there might help you out. In my experience, some sports injury therapists have a limited knowledge whereas a physiotherapist will have a greater capacity to diagnose your problems and suggest a course of action to get you running again.


  • Karen, I also commented on your post on the Hamstring Tears thread.  Does sound like your current sports therapist is not helping so a change is needed.

    I'm lucky enought to have 2-3 sports therapists locally, all of whom I trust implicitly. However, of those, there is only one who I'll go to if I have an actual injury rather than just muscle tightness.

    However, if you can't afford further treatment, you're going to need to get a referal from your GP to either a physio or chiropractor/osteopath which may take a while.

    From the sounds of it and my limited experience, other areas which could be causing the problem are IT band (side of thigh) or piriformis (in butt cheek).  If you've got/can get hold of a foam roller you could try self massage of the IT band. Piriformis is a little more difficult but a tennis ball can be effective.

    Other than that, more rest and keep stretching

    Good luck

  • ....it's not a hamstring issue image

    Don't stretch it

    Get your back looked at. I think you've got an issue with your sciatic nerve - which can mimic hamstring tears perfectly


  • Definitely try the foam roller. I had hamstring problems and IT band problems for nearly a year, finally got a foam roller and the pain was gone within a week.
  • Thanks for all your help guys, it's much appreciated image

     I do have a foam roller and use it regularly just to ease my tight muscles, but it's not so good for getting to the pain in my butt, I also have a hand held massager which is quite good so been using that as well.

     I haven't been back to the sports injury therapist, as you say what she's doing isn't working so no point in wasting any more money.

    My back has got a bit worse, did a short run yesterday and it was painful, I'm so hacked off image  So I'll rest, take some painkillers and try and see a physio.  To get referred to physio on the NHS would take around 12 weeks! 

    Injuries are so bloomin frustrating.  I've got a few races coming up and am really annoyed that this is setting me back.

    Thanks again,

    Karen x

  • Sitting on a tennis ball rather than a foam roller is good for the top of the hamstrings/ butt!
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