Wyre Forest Jog 2012 (British Heart Foundation)

Hi all,

We have made a 10km routet his year for the popular yearly event in Bewdley, Wyre Forest Jog!

Hope this gains some intrest for those who want that little bit more than a 5km!

Any questions please call our events team 0800 169 3672




  • Hi Jemma

    I am Thinking about doing my first 10k run, I have never ran anything like this before so I am bit worried, but at the same time looking forward to the challenge. I joined the gym in 2011 so I have been training for a while now but running outside is completely different.

    There may be 3 of us looking to do this

    Any Advice for a Newbie welcomed 



  • Hi John,

    Great to hear you are thinking of joining us on the 11th March. You'll be glad to hear that because the route is along the forest trails the grounds are alot softer than tarmac and a treadmill (!) making it much easier on your legs. There are a few slight hills so my advice is when your training, to increase the incline (to around 2.5) so you are used to it. BHF have provided training tips to help you will our events so take a look to see if that helps any more? click here for training tips.

    The atmopshere alone will give you that extra push, we are expecting around 1000 to be going through the beautiufl Wyre Forest, but beware, you may get muddy image the forestry path maybe uneven and depending on weather can get muddy - adds the fun factor in thats for sure.

    I hope to see you on the day, good luck with the training!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jemma

    I have decided to give it a go, myself and my brother in law registered over the weekend.

    So I am busy already collecting sponsers. 

    Hope to see you on the day


     John Gardner 

  • Hi,

     I am a little unsure I can make this run but am hopeful that I will. Is entry on the day available (subject to numbers)?

     Many Thanks 


  • Hi Cheryl,

    Yes, registration will be available on the day from 9am, it is a slightly higher fee of £15 (instead of the usual £10) and I advise you get there early to avoid ques. The run starts at 11am so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

    I have just come back from the route recci...the new 10km is a lot of fun! Lots of clay and mud tracks mixed with stone paths, beautiful scenerary and some hills to push you to the max! It was stunning in snow but I am hoping for sunshine on the day image

    It will be great to see you there,

    Many thanks


  • Does anyone have a map of the new course route?
  • Hi Back2ASCS,

    If you email northwestwales@bhf,org,uk they can email one over as its currently not set a URL to hyper link on to here!



  • Hi Jemma,

    I ran this yesterday and my GPS watch clocked 11.85km as opposed to the 10km! Was this correct, or did we take the wrong route?!

    It was a tough course with the hills involved. Satisfying though and hope plenty of money was raised.

    Do you know how many ran the 10k route?

  • Adam
    I too got over 11.5km on my watch but assumed it must be out, but good to have heard someone had similar issue. I was a bit downbeat about my time but hopefully this might cheer me up if indeed it was the case image
  • Hi Adam and John,

    Your watches are right i'm afraid! We had to change the route last minute Saturday as I was concerned about the terrain for part of the route - I tried my hardest to get it back to exactly 10km but as you are aware it was over. I sincerly apologise for this and can only promise that next year it will be 10km on the dot. We will have a contingency route if clay paths are as bad as they were again before hand and make sure it is the correct mileage.

     I do hope this has not ruined your experience and you still had a great day and will join us in 2013! It was a beautiful day with a great turn out with an expected fundraising target of £30, 000 so thank you for joining us on Sunday!

    We had approx 200 out of the 500 runners taking on the 10km so for its for first year it was a good turn out!

    Look forward to seeing you all at another BHF event soon!


  • Jemma,

    Not a problem - just makes it more satisfying that we ran extra distance! It was still an interesting and tough route no matter what the distance.

    Hope you hit the £30k target. The organisation of the event was very good.

  • i would second what Adam said, just feels better that my time is closer to my target, great event and day in general and will review to say the same!

  • DarolaDarola ✭✭✭

    I ran the 5k and my GPS clocked it at 3.03 miles, rather than 3.107 - so a little short. Appears we got the easy deal on the day! : )

    Its got me running again after 19 years! - I'll be back next year to tackle the 10k (however long it is!).

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