Garmin 405cx and a shuffle or nike plus and a nano???

I guys I have a gadget dilema  I currently run with my sony erisscon xperia with run keeper and my music installed . Now its a bit cumbersum and if I dont wear my jacket I have nowhere to put, but i do like the info you get from run keeper  . (I am training for the marathon ) Now my birthday is coming up and was thinking about one of the following either the garmin watch with a ipod shuffle ( no extra weight)or nike plus with a nano ( would have to get arm strap). I want to be able to listen to music and track my average pace and route ?

Any thoughts on which is best ?????


  • I don't think Nike+ has its own GPS so you won't get tracks. Personally I tried the Nike+ with the Sports band a few years ago and didn't get on with it, but I'm sure it has moved on.
  • I had Nike+ with the attachment for my ipod, I hated it.

    I don't wear Nike trainers, so I had to have the foot sensor on a little pouch on my shoe laces. I don't know if that was to blame in the problems with recording distance accurately but the Nike + was very hit and miss.

    Also problems picking up the sensors (including picking up someone else's sensor! and then cutting off after a mile when we went different routes) and the foot sensor or the part that goes into the iPod not working properly. I had one Nike+ set as a gift and bought one myself, both stopped working within a year and when I spoke to a guy in the running dept at the Nike store he told me that he runs with a Garmin!

    I've had my Garmin 305 since the summer and it is one of the best running-purchases I have ever made. My vote is for the Garmin every time image

  • Garmin/shuffle and upload your data to runkeeper via GPX file.
  • The latest iPod nano has built in Nike+ that works without the foot pod.
    Out of interest, I got it to measure my runs and compared the results with my Garmin. For the first three or four runs it massively over measured, but each time I calibrated it using the distance from the Garmin and it's got pretty accurate now - within a tenth of a kilometre over 10k.
    Having said that, if you try to use it for intervals then forget it.
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