Edinburgh Marathon place needed

I stupidly missed the entry point for non charity runners. All previous marathons have been hilly and I would love to get a PB at Edinburgh .

Please let me know if you have a place you cant take, I'd better delighted to take it off you.

Many thanks in advance

Tom Bennett


  • Hi all, just to let people know that I have a spare officially transferable Edinburgh Marathon place for 27th May if anyone is interested as I am doing the London Marathon now for Children In Crisis. If you would like the place email cicgav@gmail.com. Many Thanks.
  • Stop it now Gavin.
  • What do you mean Weeble?
  • You're spamming the forum and as a result RW will probably take down your many, many posts when their admins get in tomorrow. There's no need to post on every Edinburgh related thread to get noticed.
  • Sorry. I didn't mean to spam as you say. I contacted Edinburgh marathon today and they said that it would be a good idea to offer the place on runners world forums. I'm not sure how the forums work so ignorantly looked for any Edinburgh related threads and posted a message. I am really sorry for any harm caused.

  • Weeble. Please could you advise me on what I should have done. Did I need to set up a new thread or something? I just looked for threads that my message might get to and posted them. I think 6 in all. Edinburgh said I could put the place on eBay if I want as long as I transfer the place through their website it was up to me. I would rather someone on runnerswold benefit from the spare place and thought I was actually helping people.

    I have emailed runnersworld about my postings and if they want to remove them then that is fine with me.
  • Gavin, don't worry about it, it's not like you're selling cheap fake hand bags to us.

    In general it would have been better to post one a couple of threads only, probably the more active Edinburgh ones.

  • What do you mean Weeble?
  • Sorry typo, "on" a couple of threads only.
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