Is anyone entering IM UK this year? I have just signed up and am fearing that that never ending hill that you have to ride over three times on the bike section of the course!

UK IM Facebook Group for anyone that is interested

Has anyone booked accommodation yet? I booked too late last year and ended up sleeping miles away - not ideal when you have to be up at 3 am for a 6am start lol


  • I've entered it for the first time this year, only ever done one sprint in the past.

    I live in Bolton and have just started to regularly ride up Shep House Lane, its about 600 feet incline over 2 miles according to my Garmin, I'm not finding it to bad at the moment but can't image how I'll feel climbing it on a third lap!

  • 2010, and the council but new chippings down on SheepHouse in the week before the race. Made it interesting
  • Sheephouse is not that big a deal just a steady plod and dont overcook it on the first lap its well worth it for the descent on the other side wheeeee!
  • Must admit, I didn't think it was anywhere near as bad as everyone made out * (I hadn't seen it til the day of the race)  The drop down into Belmont on the aerobars was amazing










    * NB I do have a 29 tooth sprocket  fitted on my race bike !  image

  • Hello. This is just the forum I was looking for. I have entered the 2012 UK Ironman. I do feel a little on my own with this. I have not done a triathlon before. I have some running experience. I am currently learning to swim confidently. Cycling, again a novice. I have just moved house, I am about to change jobs and about to become a Dad for the first time in March. Could be an interesting 6 months image
    Will listen to any tips, advice. Thanks
  • Welcome, will indeed be an interesting six months!

    Bike lots, bike more, then bike more, not forgetting to run a fair bit too and swim occasionally.

    Sheep House Lane is a hill?
  • Thanks DB. SHL sounds interesting. Really good to get an idea of the course beforehand. I had the pleasure of heartbreak hill at the Boston Marathon but with the right amount of mental and physical turned out ok...especially helped along with the locals. I doubt the sheep will be as vocal!
  • Welcome 2nd Chance. 

    No advice from me as I'm in the same boat as a first timer, except I'm doing Outlaw, but good luck anyway.  The help for first timers on here is second to none. 

  • Dustboy  wrote (see)

    Sheep House Lane is a hill?
    Bit of a bump really
  • From memory, SHL is not far off Box Hill in Surrey which is a bit of a drag. Box Hill is about 6% ish. SHL does have the hairpin which is not dissimilar to Combe in Surrey (on the Olympic Course) but Combe is more savage at the end. A bit.

    I found SHL the second time tough, by the third, I didn't care but it felt easier.
  • I did IMUK as my first Ironman last year.  I'm no cyclist but I managed to get round the course without any problems.  Don't get hung up on  the hills - just go at your own pace and don't worry about what other folks are doing.  The support along Sheep House Lane is brilliant!
  • Second chance you will find a lot of first timers and advice on the fink fr Outlaw thread introduce yourself on there  if you have any burning questions please feel free to askimage
  • Thank you RGB and others for initial advice. I shall check out outlaw/forums
  • Certainly have chosen the easiest Ironman bike course according to this:

  • Second Chance wrote (see)
    Certainly have chosen the easiest Ironman bike course according to this:

    ? UK is listed at the top which would suggest the hardest but the list is the average length of time to complete rather than 'how hard'

     Average time to complete depends on the ability of the people taking part rather than the difficulty of the course itself

  • I agree. Conditions on the day obviously another factor. However looking at it may make me train even harder should time permit!
  • Sheep House Lane - as various people have already said, it is not the worst hill in the world BUT it can catch you out the first time around. It is, in effect, three hills/sections with a slight easing between each section - but you cannot easily see sections 2 & 3 until you have got to the top of the first section.
    You could spot the people who didn't bother doing a recce - they bombed up the first section before grinding to a halt as they went around the bend (I saw one chap ironically wearing a polka dot jersey having to get off and walk after overcooking it on the first section).
    So, take it easily and you will do it easily.

    (If you've done Sherborne - SHL is a bit like three Lyon's Gates in a row. You will also see a Babylon Lane but on the bike loop rather than the run.)

    Triva 1 - on the way out from the swim to the main bike loop, you pass an old Barr factory. And Barr make Irn Bru...

    Triva 2 - on the run, especially around the finish area, you may see elephant carvings. You will not be hallucinating...

  • Ok, having faffed around for months, I've finally done the deed & booked.  Obviously, not done a triathlon before, but it can't be too hard can it?

    Anyone booked onto the preparation day on Sun 3rd June......?

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  • Gone a little quiet on here.  Hope everyone's prep is going well.  Less than 12 weeks to go! image

  • Yep, I'm doing it again, SHL is not a breeze and working on hills on training is essential, on race day take it steady on the first lap and the 3rd lap won't bite too hard.

    Penny Flash has opened it's doors for swimming OW on Monday's, if you can, use it

    There will be good advice on the various threads if you aren't getting enough here, don't be shy though, of you don't have the answer then ask, it's not an easy journey but worthwhile.

    Good luck with the training
  • Great advice IR. Thank you. How long and what is the total climb of the infmous SHL?Unfortunately time, circumstances and my location will prevent me from seeing any of the course until race weekend. Any advice on the course, tips for the day etc I am all ears image
  • Have a look here mate

    Wiganer has set up a good website that covers all aspects of the race. The SHL climb is about 3.5km and 500m, not too steep all the way up but I would always recommend finding and using hills, see if you can get one which is about 6% for 20 mins with a 10% kicker and you might have something similar.

    Then on the race weekend, drive it, it always seems harder in the car.

    On the day the only advise I can give is let the day come to you until 6 miles from the end of the run, then let the course have it !!
  • Great site by Mr Wiganer.  Wish I could join them on a weekend ride.  I was certainly intending on doing a quick loop in the car.  Only really concerned with the blind corners, especially on the descents.

    Let's ave it! Nice... If there is anything left image

  • I'm taking part in this event. This will be my second attempt at ironman. The first ended in disappointment in frankfurt last july. Will be hoping for a better outcome this time round.

  • I've signed up for my third consecutive year.

    Regarding the bike loop I would add that, apart from the section from Belmont village to the M65 roundabout at Hoghton, the rest of the loop is quite technical.


  • I remember doing the downhill after SHL bombing along (I thought EVER so fast), Bella B came past me like I was on a kids tricycle. She was a lap (or two) ahead.

    Fat Macca, same as you race wise, my second go at the distance this year at Outlaw after UK DNF in 2009. Good luck, hope you make it.

  • off to do a warm up race in mallorca tomorrow, bit of sunshine never hurt the training.See you when I get back, 10 weeks or so to go image

  • Woody. Thank you. Will welcome any course knowledge. Technical course....Hmmm oh dear, not great for a bike novice like me!
  • SC, I got round it without falling off. So anyone can.

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