Lightweight Trail Shoes?

Hi everyone,

Looking for a starting point in my quest for a pair of lightweight trail shoes. Over the last year, I've got used to running in fairly minimal shoes and hoping to find something that is suitable for trails but won't feel like I've got two blocks of concrete on my feet.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but I'm a fore/midfoot striker.

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  • I've not seen any in the flesh, but New Balance seem to have something to offer:,en_GB,pd.html

    That said, from looking at the sizes on offer it looks like they've imported a batch from the US and have mostly sold out. 

  • Saucony Peregrine. Light and able to handle the trails as well as the roads. Highly reccommended.
  • Thanks both, I will try to visit a running shop at the weekend so I can try them on before I start shopping online or utilising my Sweatshop gift card image

    I really like the Saucony Kinvara, so will be very interested to try the Peregrine. Quite a few of my longer runs are a mix of trail and road so it sounds as though they may be just what I'm looking for.   

  • I've just got a pair of NB101, which look just the ticket. They're being phased out, so can be had for less than an already good 50 quid.
  • I second the NB101, got some 2 weeks ago and done all my runs in them since, i normally have a mile on the road either way to get to the trails and they are still comfy on the road, they also coped well with the Pennine Way last weekend.
  • I've just picked up a pair of New Balance MT101's for £39.99 from JJB Sports - bargain image

  • Thanks for the tips guys! I will keep an eye out for the NB101 ... can't argue with those prices! image

  • If you want minimalist, the trail version of the Terra Plana Neo is available half price on at the moment.

  • Inov-8 Baregrip 200 is the way to go. Very light weight, no support and a shed load of grip. Done a 40 mile ultra around a rather wet Brecon Beacons in them.

    Looked at a lot of other minimal trail shoes and in my opinion these where the only ones that would be and good when it gets really muddy. The others have good tread patterns on them and are probably fine if you well used paths. I just have my doubts how well they would perform if you are ankle deep in mud image
  • Ankle deep in mud everything performs the same. I stay clear of anything with big lugs because if you run on varying surfaces they can be lethal as well as painful on hard paths.
  • I disagree ankle deep mud needs decent grip or all you do is slide around looking for grip. Hence people where spikes at cross country races.

    Big lugs also release the mud better. Ran an off road marathon in a pair of Salomon's and I swear my shoes weighed twice as much at the end with all the mud they had picked up image

    Take your point about hard surfaces. However, if you are a light on your feet and don't heel strike it is fine. Invo-8 use stick rubber had no problems on tarmac and other hard surfaces even in the wet.
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Ankle deep in mud everything performs the same.

    Have to disagree quite strongly with the above.........

  • Just meant Row-land that on an ice rink £2.50 plimsolls grip the same as £100 trail shoes. Good point about releasing the mud JJ. I do recall someone having a really bad slip in a pair of Adidas Swoops on a slippery surface in a multi terrain trail race once. Most trails always have a bit of "other" surfaces.
  • Just on the offchance, any suggestions for a neutral XC pair, cheap & cheerful?
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Just meant Row-land that on an ice rink £2.50 plimsolls grip the same as £100 trail shoes.

    Ice Rink ... Yes.. 

    Ankle depth mud...  No..

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