Challenge Henley 2012

So is anybody signed up for this.

I know a few did it last year, be good to get their thoughts on the event.

Still torn between this and IM Wales, but as IM Wales is now not Activity Wales but the same people who do IM UK, been looking at Challenge Henley.

Bike looks challenging

Challenge Henley

I know FB and Petal refed at it last year, wondering what they thought about it


  • hi SA

    don't give up on Wales just yet - it's not dead in the water yet with AW although it's not looking good sadly. but Wales will still go ahead and just because the organisers are changing doesn't change the challenge of the course which is the main thing you do these for.

    it's hard to give a full view of CH from a ref's view as were limited in what we saw, but it wasn't as smoothly run as Wales but with the benefit of the 1st out of the way, it can only improve. most issues seemed to be logistics (split transition and transport between, post race bike recovery, minor course issues with lack of lighting, post race athlete refreshments etc) but I don't think that there was much wrong with it as a course. probably not as challenging as Wales, or IMUK, but tougher than Outlaw.

    there were problems with the swim but that was due to fog at the start which caused delays but once it got going, it was fine

    you need input from the likes of Joddly and Steve Ho who competed
  • cheers FB

    just looking at total assent (I know thats not the be all and end all)

    but its 5900ft at henley and 5741ft at Wales

    seem to remember Jaffa doing it as well

  • I don't think those figures are right but if they are I would say the Wales bike is tougher as the hills are relentless - lots of up and down so little time to rest and with 2 very steep bastards
  • I understand the organisers of the TDF are getting rid of the climbing level HC (hors categorie) and replacing that with VSB (very steep bastard) image
  • I'm considering the half option as a warm down. Very local as well, which will make a change.
  • Its very local to me too but I aint going up no more hills fool    image
  • Joddly was at im wales last year
    Jaffa though did do it.....

    Have a look at the race reports.......
  • Steve Ho definitely did it last year
  • I think Which Witch (sp?) did Henley last year.
  • I was getting WW and Joddly mixed up - Joddly volunteered at CH and I spoke to her after we finished reffing so my mind was thinking she competed, but she'd just come from her marshalling spot. #alzheimerssettingin image
  • Quite fancy the half actually as based in Reading and would be a nice relax from Outlaw.....anyone else up for it?
  • Bedders.. wrote (see)
    Quite fancy the half actually as based in Reading and would be a nice relax from Outlaw.....anyone else up for it?
    Another v local. Do you belong to a tri club?
  • I was on one of the aid stations on the run seem to be ok from where I was, then I wasn't taking part, my club members enjoyed the race and more are doing this year. Im waiting to see if I do Wales or Henley
  • my other half did it and he loved it, cold foggy swim but otherwise fine, hilly bike, he had prepared for and dropped out of Regensburg - so probably would have prepared differently and he really enjoyed the run - esp the fancy dress aid station. All in all felt it ws well organised and felt welcomed to the "challenge family"
    think he was pretty keen to do this year, but have other fish to fry....
  • Hi there everyone. I have an entry to Henley for this year but unfortunately I'm not going to be a ble to do it because I have knackered my ankle. Their draconian policy of no refunds or postponing to next year means that I have an entry going and so am posting to find out whether anybody would be interested in it. I know this is all a bit last minute but I thought that it was always worth a punt image

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