Challenge Wanaka 2012

By my reckoning they should just've stared - though I may be an hour early image

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GO FUNKIN - have a great race



  • Goooooooo Mr Funkin imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • Water looks relatively calm but there's obviously a bit of a breeze blowing.
  • Gooooooooo Mr F

    Ride like you stole it  image
  • Love it, Meldy image

    Go Funkin. Mrs F says its windy.
  • Commentator just described bike course. Apparently it's fairly sheltered from the wind until about 60k, then likely to have a tailwind to 110k before turning to come back into the wind - just when you don't need it.
  • She also said they're having technical probs getting feeds from all cameras except for the one outside the commentry box focussed on the lake
  • thanks trogs

    Go Funkin. image
  • Go Go Go! Pirates rocK!
  • Mrs F tweets that he's out of the water in about 1:14 - tracker not updated yet

    Bike strong Funkin image

  • ...... and the live stream has obviously being taking lessons from Irondead image
  • Nice swimming Mr Ro !
  • It's rather civilized, watching a chum go through all this while I'm kicking back on the sofa with a glass of something nice. image I mean - I do *enjoy* the hustle and bustle of the real thing, but ... my feet are comfy, my nose isn't burnt, my throat isn't hoarse, and my forearms aren't all hurty from leaning on the barriers.

    [rustles home-made pompom - and retrieves a bit of fluffy stuff from wine glass...]
  • Budge up Jj.  I've brought crisps image
  • Tracker finally updated

    Swim 1:12:03
    T1 3:56 (image)

    34k 1:04:00

    I'm supposed to be watching this from the turbo but seem to have got stuck in the armchair.  Will have to get up soon though, potato is nearly baked image

  • 3:56 :0

    It takes me longer than that to get my wetsuit off....
  • image Likewise!
  • Through 70k - and 8th in age group, 27th male, 33rd overall

    Swim - 1:12:03 - 1:12:03
    T1  -3:56 (image) -  1:15:59

    34k - 1:04:00    - 2:19:59

    70k  - 1:04:29  -  3:24:28

  • HC - Pringles? [flexes dainty paw] I like the li'l brokeden bits at the bottom.
  • Through 90k - 7th AG, 24th male, 30th overall

    Swim - 1:12:03 - 1:12:03
    T1 -3:56 (image) - 1:15:59

    34k - 1:04:00 - 2:19:59

    70k - 2:08:29 - 3:24:28

    90k - 2:43:21 - 3:59:20

    Will shortly be turning to head back into the wind

  • thanks Trogs - 5:30 bike easy peasy, I reckon, image
  • Blige - he's moving up the field a bit!
  •  Not sure I'm going to be able to stay awake long enough to see him off the bike though  image 

    And seeing that he's such a speedy chap, he'll be finished and in the beer tent by the time I get up in the morning image

  • Cripes. Hes very fast isn't he ?

    Go funkin !!
  • <whispers> I think he's been training on the quiet image 


  • I'll check on the time before I go home   image
  • Why does New Zealand have such silly time zones?
  • Go Mr Funkin...

    Get your paw out Ms Leppy the broken bits are coming...
  • Crumbs, he very quick!
  • Yeah .. pity he cant run well innit   image
  • Time for me to hit my pit.

    Hope the lack of 120k split is down to technical faults on the tracker rather than mechanical or other problems for Mr Speedy.

    GO FUNKIN image

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