flexor hallucis longus tendonitis

Hi can anyone offer some advice, i tore a calf muscle in the great north run in Sept last year, i fully rested (no running till mid dec), and then discovered that my arch of foot (which is higher than normal) and the inside of my leg just round from my  calf was a bit achy, i thought it was all to do with my calf but looked up flexor hallucis longus tendonitis (which i think it is) as the arch of my foot aches, I have since got insoles which really help, do i have to rest more??? or is it a matter of doing the right stretches?  Ive never had a running injury before and its driving me wild not being able to go out running! Julieimage


  • I have the same problem. I've been putting this down to a new pair of trainers which were a size bigger than my normal shoes. I swapped them yesterday so am hoping things improve.

    Will let you know if they do.

    I've also been advised to stand on a tennis ball and roll my foot along it. Its painful.

  • Hi Runningjr,

    What rehab did you do for your calf injury?

    It's important that you restore full strength and flexibility in the calf to avoid problems developing.

    Try doing repeated calf raises on your bad leg then compare to how many you can do on your good leg. Also try the "knee to wall test" (give it a google) to check ankle range of movement.

    Let me know what you find!

  • I too have been diagnosed with FHL tendonitis. It is a flexor of your great toe. It attatches to your big toe and originates along the smalller leg bone or fibula. Its course is then more medially and under the inside or medial ankle bone. Very common with over pronation. So like the other posts have mentioned...good arch supports or stability shoes can help. Stretch the FHL by putting big toe up against the wall so it is elevated then combine a bent knee runners stretch. Can also use a magazine rolled up under big toe with runners stretch. In addition...why are you over pronating? Do you have week hip abductors? What about hip rotators? Hamstring flexiblity along with other posterior mm should be stretched as well.

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