Diagnose my injury

2 weeks ago I twisted my ankle when running on some uneven ground. I carried on running on it ok after some initial pain. Anyway, it is still hurting me now. I have rested it a bit - still running but reduced mileage a little. It doesn't seem to hurt too much when I run, it actually hurts more when I walk than run and it gets worse when I stretch it e.g. pressing clutch in when driving.

When it first happened my ankle was badly swollen which has now reduced but he pain seems to have moved. It now hurts about 2 inches above my ankle on the outside of my leg.

Any ideas what the injury actually is and how to solve it? Don't want a long rest as I have a race in 2 weeks.



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Strained ankle ligaments. Did the same last year and the pain also appeared to move. Seemed to get better, then came back. Took 17 weeks before it finally sorted itself out. As injuries go, ligaments can take ages to fix. Solution? time.
  • Or it could be the peroneal tendon you've injured which runs alongside your fibula - hence the pain 2" above the ankle? You have really answered your question yourself. You've twisted your ankle and continued to run on it and stretch it. Vet 51 is correct - if it's a ligament it will take ages to heal completely as there is no blood supply to ligaments.

    The usual rules apply here - rest, ice, compression, elevation. Don't try to stretch it until it is pain free otherwise you go backwards. It depends on how bad it is.... if you re-twist it,and this is a distinct possibility because your ankle is weird in that once it has gone over too far it can retain that memory and can do it again. With "bad" twisting injurys you need to re-train the ankle on how far it can go otherwise it will always be weak. But not until it is pain free.
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