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Just about to venture into the world of TRI - can anyone tell me if standard HRM (Garmin) belts are waterproof??


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    have to ask if your HRM (Garmin) belt is linked to an old version of a watch, that still has an analougue signal? The reason why I m asking, is that only HRM watches that come with a HR Belt which have an analogue signal can travel through water. Most new watches tend to be with a digital signal, which can not travel through the water, so the watch will not pick up your heart rate from the HRM belt.

     But either way no damage should happen to the belt when wearing it in the water, I have found no problem with the older version or the newer versions. 

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    What is sweat it it ain't water? image

    HRM straps are waterproof but you won't get a reading on some HRMs as not all work under water.  My 310xt doesn't pick up a signal under water, but my cheap Polar one does

  • Thanx for that Guys
  • if you want a Garmin that works in water, go with either the 310xt or the newer 910. it's not the HRM belts you need to worry about with Garmin but the wrist unit - only those 2 are waterproof and are designed for tri use
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