HRM - Waterproof?

Just about to venture into the world of TRI - can anyone tell me if a standard (Garmin) HRM belt is waterproof?? Just wondered if I'm going to bugger it up by using it on the swim leg lol


  • What is sweat it it ain't water? image

    HRM straps are waterproof but you won't get a reading on some HRMs as not all work under water.  My 310xt doesn't pick up a signal under water, but my cheap Polar one does

  • A proper watch repairer (preferably with a pressure tank), will be able to tell you if it is sealed. My local Debenhams has one.
  • Garmin - no, not water proof.

    The one thing that lets them down really.

  • According to Garmin the soft HRM strap is waterproof and the hard one isn't but... I've raced with my hard strap and it hasn't let in any water yet.
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