Marathon a month training advice

I'm reasonably new to marathon running but have signed up to run 4 Endurancelife Coastal marathons over 4 months (seemed like a good a good idea at the time!).

I've just completed the first one in Anglesey after following one of Hal Higdeons training plans. Being a fairly heavy set runner I'm only interested in getting through these runs without injury rather than getting a good time. I finished the first one in 5.44hrs and I was quite happy with that.

I'm a bit unsure on what sort of mileage I should be doing over the next 4 weeks until the next one and could do with some advice.

Could anyone help steer me in the right direction?




  • Hi Jim,

    Just found this post as was looking for info for this same race 2013. What was it like apart from extortionate price wise? Did you get anything shiny at the end like a medal? Or a tshirt etc? I'm aiming to just finish this under 6 hours! Did they have a time limit? Seems really pricey for a marathon to be honest and I'm not sure whether to enter or not as I'm sure there are other laternatives, but I like Anglesey!

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