Folksworth 15

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Folksworth 15 today. It was well organised and well supported; huge thanks to the marshalls and the poor drivers who got roped in to shuttle people from and to the car park! It was friendly and people were really encouraging - so thanks and see you next year!


  • Yes, marshalls were really good, Nice rural route, rather bracing out there today at times.

  • Agreed, the marshals were excellent.

    The rather stiff breeze was less so! Fairly sure at times my legs were moving but I wasn't going anywhere. image

  • anyone seen the results yet?  Had a look on the Folksworth 15 website which says results are now on line, but couldn't find them.

    Great marshalling, lovely limos from car park to Race HQ and back, quiet changing room for after race.  I'm sure they cranked up that hill at mile 14 between the first and second lap, and that wind.... did you see those cyclists being pushed up the hill by the wind without pedalling??

  • Dangly, check you email, they just emailed the results out.If  not pm me your email address and i will send the results to you
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