Is Ultra running good for you?

I recently came across this survey listening to a Trail running nation running podcast in which they interview the doctor running the survey who also happens to be an ultra runner.

A link to the survey can be found here :-


  • Is ultra running good for you?

    There are a few unknowns about the long term effects.  For example, 100 mile races are something that has only really taken place in my lifetime.  I will read any future research into the subject with interest. 

    As somebody who deals with runners and other sportspeople on a daily basis, I know that the injuries that ultra runners get are not nearly as severe as those that are commonplace in football or rugby.  Football players and rugby players often get injuries that plague them for years.  There are verry few injuries in ultra running, where the victim is not running again within a few months. 

  • *no scientific basis or evidence for the following comment at all warning*

     I suspect that running fast on roads is much more dangerous than slowly plodding over trails. Even if you do spend all day doing it image

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