Cotswold 113

Look I got the name right this time!

I have taken the plunge and entered!!! Just wondered if any from here were taking part?

Currently nursing a large headache from swimming into the wall during a lesson so onwards and upwards!


  • Not this year, but did it last year and it was ace! (apart getting sunburned on the run).

    Perhaps a hard hat for swimming image

  • If anyone who's entered decides not to or cannot do this PLEASE contact me as I'll take the place off you.  I didn't realise spaces would fly so fast and now I'm going to be missing out image
  • Lowslice, are you still looking for a place, I have one which i want to sell, as i'm haven't had time to train properly. send me a text 07850435217

  • Aaaaaah nah sorry, got a charity place a while back. Thanks though and good luck finding someone. I'm sure you won't have any trouble.
  • cheers, if you hear of anyone, please direct them to this thread, or pass on my number. cheers! And good luck!

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