Training using a treadmill

I'm considering purchasing a NordicTrack T8.0 Treadmill to use during the poor weather and to enable my wife to regain her fitness after an injury.

Does anybody have any recommendations with regards this particular brand/model or any other treadmill for that matter sub £600.

Advice would be most appreciated.


  • I don't use a treadmill so i can't say what make or model to get, but i go with one that you can program, save you touching the control panel while you are running and a decent top speed of about 8-10MPH so you can do a bit of a steady or tempo run if you feel like. For treadmills under £600 you can try ebay, gumtree, cash converters ect for second hand treadmills, or you can go online and around high street fitness stores and see if they do refurbished treadmills that way you get a bargin deal. 
  • Try before you buy. On paper, I wanted a particular Nordic Track. In the store, actually running on it, I hated it and ended up with a Horizon Paragon. Also ended up spending more than I'd intended, but I got one I was reasonably happy with. It doesn't get as much use now I'm running with a club, but it is useful in awful weather, or when I'm expecting a phone call and can't leave the house, or to finish off a run when it's got dark and I'm not wearing hi-zis gear. Also for speedwork and for hills (although no way to simulate the downhills). Get one which feels solid to you, has a decent warranty (mine has lifetime on frame and motor, 10 years on the rest)* and has a top speed somewhat above what you're expecting to use.

    *If you buy second hand, the warranty might not transfer, but the length of the warranty gives an indication of the build quality and how long the manufacturers expect their product to last.

  • Hi Silly Si & Debra,

    Thanks for your advice with regards the treadmill. Points taken particularly with regards the warranty aspects. Currently I'm in research mode and not in any hurry to purchase. As mentioned I would like to try before I buy but unfortunately there does not appear (having searched the web) any suppliers in Greater Manchester area where you can do this.

    Thanks again.
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