Manually add a run to Nike Plus


Does anyone know how to manually add a run to the Nike + website?

I didn't have my GPS watch with me last night.





  • There may be a simpler way but this will work.

    Assuming you don't already have one, creat an account at
    Add your run manually then use to transfer the run to your Nike+ account.

    good luck.
  • Thanks for that DAM, a good workaround.

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    That is very useful, I didn't know you could do that! I forgot to take my Nike Plus gadget for my runs a few times and it is good to know there is a plan B!
  • Thats a great little tool - thank you!
  • I have just tried this too.

     I entered a 3 km run on 30/01/2012 and it imported a 10K run for 05/01/2010.

    Dam, have you got this to work?



  • I used it to import about ten runs yesterday. If the page tells you that the import has completed, but it doesn't appear on the site, try clearing your cache. The Nike+ site is notoriously bad when it comes to caching.
  • DMax

    I use it three or four times a week to transfer runs recorded on my Garmin watch to my Nike + account.

    It works great for me although sometimes I have to log out and in again of the Nike site before the runs show up.

  • @Yally - I had that on a couple of runs. In Garmin Connect I noticed that the GPS/route was missing.
  • Thanks Dam, I have e-mailed the support guys about this and will post their reply as soon as I get it. I may have just done something wrong on was unlucky.

    ... on a slightly different note to this. I have been on the Nike + forums (which are now on Facebook for some unbelievably stupid reason) and the guys at Nike Running has just said they do not support this becasue they anticipate lots of user error. Incidentally, there are loads of questions on the forum asking about manually adding runs. 

    I am a Senior Software Tester and have told them their response is complete rubbish as all they need to do is create drop down boxes and let the user select distances and times from a set list. Thsi would save the user typing anything in and then there wouldn't be any error at all. I also gave them a bit of a talking to and told them that their competitors such as Garmin can do this. I put it to them that if they cannot provide the same functionality to their sites and give the runner the full experience in the same way as their competitors then they shouldn't be charging the same money for their equipment. Don't know what they will say, to me it looks like a stark refusal for them to do anything about it. Perhaps more pressure from us guys may help grease those wheels.

  • zzz ...

     Anyway, yeah I am getting the same error as you now Yally. I tried to see if I could find anymore info on this on the web but drew a blank. Let me know if you find anything else out. Ta.

  • Yally, I have been in touch with the Developer of the site. It turns out the message you are seeing is as a result of entering a manual workout. There is not enough information on this to be able to import the record into the Nike plue database. The developer said there was not much he could do about this.

     Hope this helps.


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  • Trouble with manually adding runs is you'd get the sort of person that goes for a drive in their cars and then logs a run in the fastest 10k challenge etc abusing it.

    It's frustrating when you cannot log a run though!
  • Turns out that it IS possible to manually add a run to Nike+ (including a detailed route map).

    I'm not sure if this is the best method, but here's detailed instructions;

    Long story short - I used the RunKeeper site to manually create a run (RK allows you to use Google Maps to trace your route).

    RK also allows you to export the run to a GPX file.

    Then, I UPLOADED that GPX file into the Garmin Connect site.

    Finally, I used Angus Smithson's "Garmin to Nike+" uploader tool to upload the run from Garmin to Nike+.

    Works great - the start time, distance, total time, route map - are all recorded perfectly. The only thing I lost is the details of my pace during the run, which I can live with.

    Hope this works for you!

  • Have been using Runkeeper for all my runs but decided to get a sportsband as I just need to track timings etc now as my routes are sorted and was sick of using carrying my android phone.

    Was a bit peeved at not being able to import my runs easily but with these instrucitons it does work. Bit convoluted but does work, quicker and easier than getting Nike support to add it. Thanks for the instructions Matt image 

  • I posted a solution I'd discovered a back in July (see my comment earlier...) Anyway, I've modified my blog a bit, so here's an updated link:

    Good luck, and happy running!

  • Does anyone know how to manually upload runs to nike+ without any mapping data?

    ie just times and distance?

    could really use some help as ive tried to eport all my data from dailymile, after folloing your instructions here ended up entering 12 months worth of runs onto Runkeeper, only for it to export to CSV files instead image

  • Bump.

    Any ideas how to passthrough the error "Error message: 1 is smaller than the minimum (3): number of points (1)"?

    I got it after trying to upload the treadmill run. Maybe I can change TCX file manually somehow, adding missing information?

  • If you're talking about the TCX to Nike+ uploader here,, I don't think the TCX upload option works any more (Nike changed something on their site to break it?). At least, it never has for me. However, uploading a run via Garmin Connect ID does work, so the guide that someone else posted earlier on is the one to follow -- get your run into Garmin Connect (e.g. via uploading GPX), make the run public (flip the padlock, you can always lock it again after importing to Nike+), grab the ID from the URL, then import to Nike+ via tcx2nikeplus.

    It's a shame that Nike+ it such a walled garden as it's got some nice shrubbery. Import and export of GPX should be essential. I tend to run the Nike+ Running app alongside My Tracks on my phone now, so that the run goes into Nike+ and I get feedback, etc., but also have a GPX track (high-res, 1 second too, which is better than most running apps) from My Tracks to import to Strava and Endomondo.

    P.S. FWIW, it is also possible to export GPX tracks from Nike+. There is a Chrome extension (not in Chrome web store, search and install manually) that does it, but it's a slight fudge - even though position data for all trackpoints is accessible, apparently the timestamps are only available for the km markers, so times for all other trackpoints in between are synthesized from the km points.

  • Ian Grant 10 wrote (see)

    If you're talking about the TCX to Nike+ uploader here,, I don't think the TCX upload option works any more (Nike changed something on their site to break it?). At least, it never has for me.


    It worked fine for me this last monday, September 17th when I successfully transfered a track with GPS data. The ony secret was to make it public = unlock.

    But for indoor track (without GPS) data I did not succeed.

    These days i connected and synced lots of apps (Fitbit, Nike+, Endomondo, Garmin Connect) - it's like a Zoo, but really nice to play with =)

  • For those that just want to manually add a run with the distance and time, see I had to submit my runs manually a couple of times and ended up making this to do it. Let me know what you think.

  • I am testing it now Oliver. If it works it will be great. I have posted Yesterdays run in and am waiting for it to show up. I have found there is often a slight delay in runs showing. Thanks for your efforts anyway.image

  • WOW! It worked. Great effort Oliver. Thank You. Can I pass it around? This is the best thing I found in a long time! image

  • does this work for the Nike+ webpage?? while i was waiting to get my replacement Nike+ GPS watch i lost a lot of runs image

  • Uzi, glad you like it. Feel free to pass it around.

    Jaclyn, yes, it works for the Nike+ site.

  • Thanks Oliver Zheng for the great work.  It works for me too.  I'm using it now while the is broken again.  image

  • Oliver, thanks for this! Worked like a charm. If you are looking to upload time & distance only, this is a breeze!

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