Manually add a run to Nike Plus



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  • I know this is an old thread, but found the post today (my watch had a blip so couldn't sync with nike+) and it worked a treat.  Nice one!! Thanks image

  • I have been trying this for a couple of days and wanted to post to help others.


    1. Create route using RunKeeper.

    2. Create Garmin account on Garmin Connect.

    3. Go to

    4. Select Runkeeper and Garmin (enter your username and password for both), and click the big "Sync" button. This makes the RunKeeper route appear on Garmin Connect.

    5. Log on to Garmin Connect, and make your run Public (click little padlock to make it Open). 

    6. Copy the URL of this run.

    7. Go to and paste your URL into the Garmin Activity field.

    8. Insert your Nike+ details in the boxes provided, and click "Convert and Upload"


    In my experience, the more manual method of exporting the GPX from RunKeeper and uploading it to Garmin caused more problems. I found that despite various atempts, the TCX2NikePlus utility wouldn't "Read" my Garmin URL, nor would Garmin allow me to Export a TCX. 

    You can always find a GPX to TCX converter elsewhere, but that doesn't add the map route to your Nike+. 

    If you want the Map Route you must use the Garmin Connect URL in the TCX2NikePlus utility.


    My 2 pence; use Tapirrik to ensure correct syncing of all the data needed. It removed a lot of the headache for me.

  • Grrrrr.. Every time I try this i get this message!!!!

    Error message: Unable to download garmin activity. Please ensure your garmin workout is not marked as private.

    tcx2nikeplus is unable to get data for activities created by some non-garmin devices (including RunKeeper) - I am working to fix this, please try again at a later date.

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