Reading Half Marathon

Hello All,

Just wanted to see if anyone else is entered in this race this year, I haven't seen it mentioned in any forums so far.

This will be my first half so quite excited / nervous! I ran the GSR back in October which went well over 10 miles so am hopeful I'll do well, hoping to for a time of 02:05 though if I break 2 hours I would be ecstatic!

Am in week 3 of one of the RW training plans and (touch wood) so far so good image

So who's in?! image


  • Hi RunnerBean
                                I am in this being my home half. My wife got one of the last places and will be joining the pink bra brigade for breast cancer while my two little ones are in the green park challenge so a good family day. It is a fast course the only climb is Russel street around the 7-8 mile point. The finish is great but if you got family coming sort out a meeting point as the stadium will be well packedimage
  • Hi RunnerBean

    This is my home course as well - like David has said its pretty fast and flat - although I think he may have blocked out the whitley Hill climb at the beginning image Its fun and Im sure you will do really well. The finish at the stadium is great.
  • I will be running Reading this year after forgetting to enter the Fleet half (which is my local race) - doh!

    1st time to do Reading and looking forward to it!
  • I'm in - love this race.image
  • I'm in again this year, last year was my first Reading and it was great image
  • O00ps sorry I did forget that first climbimage
  • yep 6th or 7th time. Not the quickest course in the world (an early hill and a few longer slower climbs...although to be fair, you end at the same level as you start, so there are downhills), but aside from the last few miles you get great support the whole way around. Also really good set up, drinks stations, kit tents, race village and finishing in the stadium will be in your top 3 running highlights.
  • One of the past half marathons i have done and to finish in the Madeski stadium is brilliant. It isnt as flat and fast as i was told which i found out last year! Back again this year though!
  • I'm in! Also my first half after the GSR actually. Quite exciting, sounds like a good one.

     I do need to up the training a bit though. Pootling around isn't going to cut it for this one, is it? image

  • Hey

    If anyone stills need a place for this race Starfish Greathearts Foundation have some available.

    Sign up today to secure your place!! Email

    Please tell your friends too!

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I will be there, too. Training is going well so far. Hoping to complete the race under 2 hours.
  • Great to hear everyone's thoughts on the race who have run it before, and the first timers like me! image

    sounds like its quite an 'undulating' course, in which case doing my training in 'hilly' High Wycombe will do me good image I'm still trying to start a love affair with hills LOL!

    Am doing my first 10 mile training run tomorrow since I ran the Great South in October so fingers crossed it goes ok. Bowl of pasta went down incredibly well tonight!

    Hope everyone's training is still going good


  • I'm in too. Not done this before. I will be using the race as part of my preparations for a full marathon at Manchester at the end of the same month.
  • I'm in, using it as a marathon paced training run for London. Not sure why they have it 3 weeks out from London but its too good to miss.
  • Just noticed the changed the route in the town centre slightly. Back through the Abbey gate again though. Avoiding friar street totally by the looks of it.

  • I'm in too!  I did the Great South Run for the first time last year, and decided I would attempt a half-marathon off the back of that.  Seemed like a good idea, till I got an injury in November.  I recovered in time to start my training in January.  Fingers crossed that the rest of my training - and all of your training - goes well.

    I thought it was a flat course too, so having read other posts on here I'd better add in a few more hill training runs into my schedule!!

  • Hi Heather, what did you think of the GSR? Apart from it being very popular and therefore a tad too crowded I absolutely loved it, thought the atmosphere and the route was great (and it was so lovely and flat! image)

    I ran it with Reading in mind, but I stopped running all of November and December so practically started from square one with my training at the beginning of Jan image lesson learnt there!

    Hope your injury stays away - I've picked up a few niggles from running in the snow this weekend so will ease of a little this week I think.

    Just under 8 weeks to go! Happy running everyone image
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