washing training shoes?

After the Great Scottish Mud Wade,my trainers were SO filthy I took drastic action and put them in the washing machine wrapped in towels.They have come out looking like new and dont seem to have suffered as far as I can tell.Is there a reason NOT do do this in future?


  • I washed my Walshes once after a particularly mucky fell run. For some reason, they refused to give up the detergent and would froth rabidly every time they got wet: it did help to get rid of the opposition in races however (through hysterics or fear, I'm not sure which)
  • By washing your trainers in the washing machine you are softening the midsole of the shoe. this can lead to injuries.

    Your best bet is to stuff your shoes with newspaper so when they dry they do not lose their shape. And simply wipe of any muck with a wet cloth.
  • cheers.I have actually been having sore knees since I did this and didn't connect the 2 things til now.
  • Shooky

    I did the same. I don't mind them looking dirty - it was the blocked drain smell I objected to. I had tried my usual trick of rinsing them under the shower and washing the insoles, but they still stunk. I wouldn't have been able to wear them again if I hadn't washed them.

    I did wash them at 30 degrees and on a woolen wash, and stuffed them with a pile of old facecloths, and they seem ok so far. Not to be recommended, but sometimes necessary. I'm sure some of the water wasn't just muddy dirty, if you know what I mean :-(
  • It also mucks up the adhesive... Soapy water is the best!
  • Trainers smelly - I tried bicarbonate of soda. I didn't know what to do with the stuff so I generally soaked them in cold water and poured the stuff all over them. I left them on the kitchen floor for an hour then rinsed them off. They didn't smell anymore and did look cleaner.
  • Shooky, when I got my NBs or was it Nikes it said on the label "do not wash in washing machine" as said above stuff with newspaper and dry naturally and do not apply heat.

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