Talkback: Three Of The Best: Winter Gloves

Can't believe anyone would pay so much for gloves. An 'ordinary pair' is fine by meimage


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  • dear Wanki Corp

    do fuck off

  • aawww no FB these companies can be a real asset, indeed, the "other leather goods" caught my eye. it was just the other day i was thinking about getting a tailor-made gimp suit done in pirate colours, just for the post Outlaw party mind you image
  • I am not sure if I fancy frustrating them in their regard......wherever that is image
  • Not bad prices really - check out Assos and Rapha to show this.
  • The winter gloves that not only keep your hands warm but also can allow to use devices with touch screens for this winter because in cold winter it's so inconvenient to take off the glove to use your devices when the hand is still warm.

    They are: the best winter gloves

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