Coniston 14

Hi does anyone have an elevation map for Coniston 14? or can point me to one on Garmin Connect?



  • It's hilly - especially 'orrible 'ill at mile 12-13!! Don't look, you'll only scare yourself! image

  • thanks but I am a glutton for pent up anxiety
  • LOL image Actually, as I don't own a garmin I'm afraid I can't help you Wes. It's actually not too hilly really.... undulates - I've had worse! It is a brilliant event though - absolutely beautiful and because it's been running so many years the organisation is excellent. I've got used to doing the Coniston 14+ now as this year is the first year its gone back down to 14 miles now the bridge has been fixed. See you there!
  • I'm due to measure this next Saturday (weather permitting) I was supposed to go yesterday but the weather conspired against us.

    When I get back I'll try to post a link to the Garmin trace that the measurement creates.

    I'm told by the organisers that it is a little short of 14 miles but they don't want it extended to the full 14 miles, just for me to confirm the distance.

    Given the terrain, beauty, atmosphere and cakes Coniston no-one will be overly bothered about the distance.

    If I don't post the link, someone please send me a message through  this board to remind me.


  • LOL Brian - 13.7, .8 or .9 or whatever... it's certainly always felt more like 20 image
  • Tigerlily wrote (see)
    LOL Brian - 13.7, .8 or .9 or whatever... it's certainly always felt more like 20 image


    But you can't beat the scenery

  • No - you're right there. It's more or less the only event I still do "on road" these days. Sometimes I even just go and run round it for "fun" when I'm at a loose end.... Hope the weather is OK for you next Saturday!
  • If it's any use I've found a MapMyRun track recorded in March 2009. I don't know if this is exactly the same run but it appears to be to me
  • Brian Porter

    who is he, do i know him image

  • Looking forward to this run. Even more so, now that I know there are cakes in addition to the terrain, beauty and atmosphere! image
  • I saw a run on garmin connect which seemed to follow the majority of the course but it didn't look that hilly elevation gain of 260m ? I suppose it is all relative?

  • It is Wes, as I said earlier I'd describe it as "undulating" rather than "hilly"... and the scenery takes your mind off it anyway! Last year was really hot and caught a lot of people out who set off too quick and were in a state of collapse by mile 15. (it was the longer course last year).
  • Last year was 'really' hot and I was one of those silly sods who blew up at approx mile 11 ; I've never walked as much of an event as the Coniston last year and would ordinarily have been absolutely disgusted with myself but a] there were loads of others walking and b] the scenery was breathtaking.

    Undulating / Hilly ?   My verdict / hazy memory was of it having like a rollercoaster feel to it - your either going up or down and not much of the flat stuff - but then again I was delirious for most of it - But I'm back again this year and really looking forward to it - its a beautiful location and really well organised.

  • My 11th time this year my fave race. What's not to love great scenery, friendly people,lovely cakes at the start,good weather. Fantastic!!!!
  • it is indeed a superb race

    is it stil 16.7 miles now, after changing it as the lane was closed so they had to go to next left turning

    16.7 is all the better though

  • No I believe its gone back down again this year. Hope your race goes well if I lived nearer I would have supported you hope you have a great day lads.image
  • Hey everyone I am number 12 so say hello tomorrow if you see me. best of luck everyone and enjoy
  • Another lovely run around coinston and a fantastic experience provided by the locals long may it reign
  • good race, amazing views up and down but not really hilly. one major criticism though is that they didnt close the road where the start and finish was. not long after I finish some bloke parked his car on the finish lie
  • ...and a couple were having a full on row on the road / finishing straight as I rolled down the hill. It sounded like it was something to do with where the car had been parked ????
    I wonder if it was linked to the above post by wesley mort 2.? If I'd had any breath left I might of joined in !!!! It looked like he was a 'finished' runner as well.
    Its a marvellous setting for a run though and I'm kind of addicted to doing it now.
  • yeah I saw him as well, he wasn't the guy who drove into the finishing area. he threw or kicked his water bottle into a group of spectators in a proper strop. maybe it was because he saw the goody bag at the end.
  • image Yeah maybe the goody bag ; I thought maybe mine had a hole in the bottom , a sweatband and a little container of lip cream[?] or at least I hope it was lip cream !!!   But I was just chuffed to have finished and I'll probably be back next year even if you got a slap across the face at the finish - my favourite event Coniston.

    But that fella needs to have serious word with himself , he was behaving like a 3 year old regardless of where the car had been parked. - embarrasing.image

  • It was a lovely white bag though! image

     Only my second race ever and I had a good time, I wasn't racing it and using it as a training run, beautiful sights along the way to boot.

     Water stations wise it was cups and they we're not always ready at the slow end of the field which was a little dissapointing as I had to walk through the stations. I wasn't bothered about my time so walking wasn't the issue, I would have liked to have practiced taking a drink on the run that's all.

     I will do this again next year I think and race it, great atmosphere, great views and well organised

  • Quays I take it you were using it as a training run for Manc Mara, I was originally planning to race this one but signed up for manc late so it was a training run for me too. (that said I ended up racing my friend and did it a good 5 mins quicker than I intended) good fun though and great views. I had a camelbak on so didn't bother with the drink stations

  • Yup sure did Wesley, It was a really nice run and good to take in a couple of hills as Manchester is pretty flat for training and the odd hill won't do any harm. I did a nice slow 2hours 13

  • what time are you aiming for in the marathon ?
  • 3.50 to 3.56 maybe a tad quicker I hope, worst case 4 hours!!! I've never done one before to be honest and it will be my 3rd ever race
  • I haven't done one before either although I have done a number of halfs and a few fell and trail races as well. really looking forward to it
  • Thanks everyone for your kind and useful comments about our Race. I appreciate there was a problem with cars leaving the field too early and we plan to keep the gates closed until 2pm next year.

    Good luck with your other races in 2012

    Geoff Cooper

    Race Co-ordinator.

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