Standish Hall Winter Trail Race

Just spotted this one looks interesting - close to home too

Any comments would be gratefully received - be nice to have a Sunday off too!!


  • Tough little run this - more like cross country than road running.  

  • It's a muddy one but good fun. A bargain entry fee too. Get yourself entered image
  • Did this last year - it was bl**dy hard work but an excellent change to road running - well worth giving it a go, I would very much recommend it!
  • That's me decided then. I am definitely going to do this one. Will be nice to do something different

  • Well done John image Just don't forget to take a clean pair of shoes for afterwards!
  • Clean pair and set of everything basically required...
  • Missus is going mad - 2 sets of everything to wash!!  IT MUST BE GOOD
  • So how does this compare with Parbold Hill Race

  • Not done Parbold Hill race so can't comment - the "Hill" bit keeps putting me off - mind you, Standish Trail race has its moments vertical wise...
  • Have ran this today as my 1st trail race. A tough, really muddy in places course. Previous posters were right about the hills as well. A good day that was really well marshalled and a bargain £4 to enter.
  • Have to agree Steven, a tough event this was. That 400m (approx) of mud was a killer, really took it out of me, and doing it twice.....! Was a bit gutted with my time at first, but on reflection happy with the effort. Shall know what's to come next year.
  • I'm on my way back from injury so was using todays race as a training run. You're right Pete that mud was a killer the 1st time round and knowing you had to do it again. Would definately do it again though.

  • Was that the mud as you came up out of the woodland section uphill through a field?  Killer indeed - did the race last year and it felt like as much effort as you put in, you just weren't going anywhere - like running on the spot but through treacle...

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