My First Marathon...

Hugely indulgent, as I know there are other marathon thread going with spring marathon targets, but this is my first, and I am doing it with just 12 weeks to go (off the back of pretty consistent training which has reached a long run of 9 miles) and I need some focus on ME!

Plus, the other threads are soooo popular and posted to all the time, I feel like I might be able to keep up with a slightly quieter area image

Anyone else rushing into it? Who else is on their first? And any volunteers to be my online virtual mentor/coach/inspiration???


  • Might as well say what this weeks plan is and how its going....

    Mon: Circuit session AM / 1900m swim PM
    Tues: 8.3 mile run
    Wed: Circuit class and 2.5 miles on treadmill
    Thur: 4 mile run
    Fri: 6 mile run
    Sat: Rest (family business)
    Sun: 10-12 miles

    Any thoughts?
  • Hello JEvans, glad to see you have a target race/event to do. By the way which Stratford is this race? (too lazy to look it up)

    How are you finding the LSR on Sunday, comfortable but tiring? Remember to increase the distance gradually. Have you worked out when your longest run will be? and how far?

    I am doing relay for Outlaw so my marathon training is in the early stages but have done 10,8 and 9 miles as my LSR so far this month.

    My thoughts on your plan are to possibly drop the circuits on Monday morning as the LSR increases, you may find the extra rest does you more good.

    I dare say others will come along and give their opinion.

  • Hey Steady!

    Regretting my Outlaw decision a little bit as a relay would have been great. Nevermind.

    Yeah, the plan above was just this week and from now on I will only be doing one circuits class a week.
    I fit my longer runs in around my commute, so will be building up my LSR on Tuesdays on the way home (followed by cold bath!). This Sunday will be my first 10+ for a while. I think I am going to go out for and hour, then turn and come back. Should get me 10 miles easily....

    I am aiming for early April for 18-20 milers. I am planning in 4week chunks in the hope that I train well and can do a 22 as well. I am usually very cautious when planning. I am being mindful of the 10% rule though and on the basis that I have had a couple of 23 mile weeks, so I could be on 35 miles a week by early March... And I can't imagine doing much more than 40 in one week, so... who knows!

    Sorry.... long slow bus trip, so the waffle has come out to say hello!
  • Sounds like you are OK, pop into the shorter tri thread if you want a chat. Chillibean is doing the run as part of a relay team for Outlaw as well.

    On my previous marathons I never got beyond 30 miles a week. But currently doing the Fink plan which is by time.

  • Ah well, marathon training already failing! Couldn't get myself out of bed this morning... but with my longrun on Sunday, I will be at 24+ miles for the week, so I won't worry myself too much with this. I'm not resting, I am avoiding injury image
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi JEvans, 
    Your marathon training is not failing, you're sensibly listening to your body! image Keep it positive.

  • Thanks mikasa! I realised it was all good since the Friday run was planned before I did a run on Thursday so I haven't actually dipped out.

    today is really my first test. I was going to do an out and back route - run for an hour then turn around. Then I realised I haven't run for longer than 1hr35, so I will perhaps just go out for 50-55 mins then turn around. I want to enjoy it and be sensible, and will resist the urge to do-it-all-NOW which is my natural instinct. I am hoping for 11 miles.

    Have put my 4 week plan into my diary now... It has to happen now! And with pay day around the corner, I am thinking some kit investment will help make sure it does image
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi JEvaNs,

    How did your session go? How far did you end up going? What kit are you plannin to invest in?

    Hope it's all going to plan.

  • It was great! Felt good going out, didn't go as far on the 'out' as I thought I might, but thought best not to push it at that point. Upon turning I promptly needed the loo (usually run first thing, so don't have time to consume much liquid, but didn't leave house til midday yesterday)... so spent 3 miles wondering if I should detour or if I could wait. Decided I couldn't wait and was lucky enough that the pub I popped in to had a disabled/babychanging loo right by the door. Very pleased to avoid polite request to bar staff though I felt terribly guilty in case any disabled people needed the loo (or indeed nappies needed changing!).

    Am currently on way home to do 4 miles. Was going to do it in the gym, but might as well go home, rather than have to pick up another bus home later.

    Kit purchases! Everything pretty much. Socks, bras, long sleeves, long joggers, capri pants... Start Fitness and Wiggle are my most likely suppliers I think. Know of any current bargains?
  • PS - 11 miles yesterday, and can still go down stairs forward today, so 13 on the cards for Friday image
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Sorry, no idea of any bargains. I buy my stuff from Aldi when they have some...image
    I'd recommend Shockabsorber run bra though, I think it's brill.

    Gosh, those miles are building up nicely. image

  • Another vote for shock absorber bras........maybe I can join you on a long run along the way......
    good luck
  • Hey Seren! How far are your long runs going to be? I was thinking of trying to run to Parkrun, do parkrun, and run home. It would be 17 miles ish for me...27 for you? You could always include a bike ride instead...?
  • my long runs are as long as I make them image
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hey JEvaNs - how's your training going? Hope it's all going well in this weather.

    I'm debating if I have enough time (and motivation) to train for the Bristol half (September) and if it's the best one for me as I'm usually busier in the summer and not so keen on running when it's too warm...But if I'm going to do one, I want to prepare properly and would want to aim for about 1:50. I don't even know if I could achieve that as I'm not very fast atm.

  • Hey!

    I had a bit of a dip last week. After a strong 11 mile run, followed by a good 4 miles, my muscles seized up, I think I was fighting off some kind of bug thing, and the rest of the week was wiped out.

    However, I made a good return on Sunday with 13 miles! I really did not expect to be doing this distance just a month into the year. I build miles v-e-r-y slowly!

    The week blip even had me doubting the marathon. I mentioned this to my husband though and he was surprised. He convinced me that I could do it (by not even really saying anything other than suggesting he thought I could do it) so it's back on! I'm so fickle.

    6 miles done at lunch time today - very very cold in the shade, but bearable in the sunshine. Planning 4 miles tomorrow morning, but it looks like it is going to be -2..... oh well. I have layers! Then running into work on Friday 9 miles or so. I will then rest on Saturday, and probably do long run on Sunday. Should be able to get it up to 2.5 hours, and hopefully a smidge over 13 miles. Not sure on a route yet. I need to rearrange my week so I can just add on to my commute run, but it just hasn't worked out yet.

    Mikasa - September is soooooo far away! Why not build up to the distance for Spring (the Stratford Upon Avon half is at the end of April - as part of the full marathon, which I'm doing!), and there are half's in Torbay and Paignton in June. You could build up your miles for April and get an idea of how much work you have to do to get that 'race' time. Then you could have a 'maintain' period, with a regular long run of 10 miles or so, and other running around it, and see how you are feeling in June with more miles under your belt. And then focus on some sharpening up for September. Or October if you went for the Cardiff half image

    Why do one, when you can do three??!?!??? image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you didn't lose much and are straight back in there! Of course you can do it, you seem to have a really consistent running background.

    Whoa there though! I'm talking about possible doing one half mara not three!!!  image The problem is that  I don't have a consistent running background,last year was bit of a wash out and I've actually never run more than 6miles so upping the mileage would have to be done slowly. I also don't want to sign up for something and then not be ready for it and struggle through. Might leave it till next year...

  • No, no, no, no, NO!

    It's only just February! When I did my first half marathon, I had just started running 10k once a week in the gym (not even outside), and I started training in mid-April for an October half. You have LOADS of time, and could definintely do one in June.

    Increase your long run by one mile a week (or 10 minutes, if you want to forget about distance which can be one of the sub-consious hurdles). You. CAN. Do it.

    I did my 4 miles on Thursday morning in the cold. And then I did 9.5 miles on Friday morning, running into work. Today I am resting/houseworking (honestly - I am currently obsessed with house work and I LOVE it), and tomorrow I am going to try for 13+. Possibly with a swim afterwards. Not sure on a route yet, but I am thinking of doing it on a fairly flat route - as that will motivate me to do an extra mile or two. This will be a real test for me tomorrow. I've tried not to think about it too much, but now I do... oo-er.

    But - the sooner I do this, the sooner I can do the run to ParkRun, do ParkRun and run home 17 miler that I am looking forward to. Maybe I can do that before the end of February....? Oh wow - that would be brilliant.

    I have completely stopped the strenght sessions at the gym though, which I am disappointed about, and will try to get to a circuits class this week, but I don't mind having to focus on running so much. If I can just get a marathon out at the end of April, then I will spend the rest of the year making sure I have strength training build in as standard. Honest.

    I just hope the snow stays away.....

  • Woohoo!!!

    15 miles done this morning! Started to feel tired after 100 minutes, but finished relatively strong. I think it is the furthest I have ever run... I guess this will happen a lot in marathon training image

    I didn't take water or food though and I think that was a mistake. Jaffa cakes, jelly babies and water next week.

    Straight into a cold bath when I got home - boy that was cold! I think last week I had the hot water dribbling in a bit. Must do that again next week!

    So 34.5 miles done this week! Only across 4 runs too. I am chuffed to bits! Next week.....:
    Mon - rest
    Tues - 9 mile run home
    Weds - Circuits and a swim
    Thurs - 5 early miles
    Fri - Run to work and add a couple of loops around the park to get up to 15-16 miles
    Sat - Morning 4.5 miles and maybe another swim
    Sun - rest

    Then in 2 weekends time I think I am going to do 17 miles with Parkrun as the middle 3 miles... I am very excited at all this.
  • Well done, I did not make it out at all today.  I had a large dose of CBA and warm comfy bed as the excuse, but it did snow over the ice, so didnot want to take any chances. Even Mr Steady agrees that me running when icy is asking for more broken bones, which I don't want.
  • Ah, no ice or snow here. Apart from one small patch on the final stretch that nearly caught me out. I have been very lucky with the weather for training actually. It is still really quite mild.
  • Hey,
    I'm doing my first marathon in April...the hull marathon...
    I took up running again at just the beginning of December last year..
    Just bought myself a Garmin 205 running watch and I reckon its the best $90 I've ever spent....

    It's like an on board coach and I've got a far more accurate know of my current ability now..
    I try and keep my runs all at 8-9 minute mile pace...
    (If I'm on a flyer ill maybe do one at 7-8 minute pace)
    (But as a rule they're at 8 to 9 minute miling pace)

    As that's the pace I want to be running my marathon at I guess...

    Last week 44 miles
    This week 50
  • Oo, flippin' heck. That is some big mileage for your third month of running! What else do you do Daniel? You must be super fit and sporty... oh, just noticed the 'again' bit of your post. On first read I thought you were starting from scratch image

    Still, it's a big build up. 

    I'm hoping to just get around at the end of April. Ideally sub-5 hours, preferably sub4:30. In a perfect world, 4 hours. But I realise that I am not used to this mileage and have already noticed my general speed slowing down from the increased mileage in training.... plus, I don't really need the extra pressure of time as well as distance so I'll just keep going. 

    I've got a 301 - super old and clunky now, but it still does the job. Though the HRM appears to have given up. Either that or the last battery I put in was really rubbish.

    Rest day today! Lovely!

  • Yes I'm having today off as well...
    I did a 6 mile race yesterday and then another 4 to make it up to 10...
    No,I've just lost enthusiasm a bit the past few days and found myself going a bit slower.
    So I thought,maybe I need a day off or two...
  • Well yes I'm an off and on runner...
    The majority of my running diet is made up of steadg 4's at 8-9 minute pace
    (Twice a day normally)
    I find that easier than doing one long run of 8 !!!
  • It's a good system I think cos if your going crap and don't really feel like it on that day...
    You can still manage 4 miles pretty easily and call that it...
    Wheras if your feeling good and strong you can go out and do another one...
    There's nothing worse is there than feeling crap and forcing yourself to do 12-15 miles or summat just because its Sunday...
    So,I prefer to run on feel more than anything else really...
    (Otherwise I 'throw my toys out the pram' and chuck it in altogether....
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Ha ha image, indeed JEvaNs, I have lots of time to train for a half. I'd be looking at Bristol or Cardiff though as those are the closest. Will have to see what happens.

    Nice to see you're not training for a specific time as such but I'm sure you'll surprise yourself and 4hrs'ish marathon is most probably in your grasp.

    Daniel - Sounds that you're doing well but not sure if you should be running all your training runs at the same pace, you need a combination of paces and most of your runs and definitely your slow runs should be at a slower pace than what you're aiming for in the race. Time on your feet versus fast pace. Good luck with your first marathon!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    You do need to do the longer runs as well, as you know, and it's better to build them up gradually. After all, at the end, you need to run 26.2 miles in one go and you need to build your stamina and your body to cope with it.
  • i know,im just slowly getting there in my own little way,cheers.....
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Don't get me wrong Daniel, you're obviously doing really well and putting the miles in and lots of people get through a marathon with very different training. And who am I to talk anyway having never done even a half mara...image
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