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  • Ah, but mikasa.... you could have a half under your belt by July! Is south Devon too far?
  • Missed a few runs this week because of work, but have managed to wrestle it back to not too bad a training week. 13.5 mile long run - I was hoping for 15 or so, but I was running to work and couldn't find my camelbac and left the house about 20 minutes later than I had hoped I would, so I didn't have time to add loops of the park on at the end. Still, I felt good after the 13 miles.

    Did a couple of miles on the treadmill this morning to loosen up - don't seem to have seized up though, despite the lack of cold bath, so it's all good.

    Have also done a 5 miler this week and will do a 7.5 mile one tomorrow taking the weekly tally up to 27.5 miles. Not too shabby. Rest on Monday, but might try for another 13 miles on Tuesday evening.

    I'm still really pleased with how it is going and I am feeling quietly confident. Mustn't let myself get complacent though. 26 miles is still a long way off!

  • oh my. 17.4 miles done this morning! I can't believe it! It was a long way and I did have a few "euw. Oof. Pwwuueurrr."moments. But I did it, and I can't wait to do it again! I am going to do 15 on Thursday and then I am away for a week, so I will have a bit of a rest, just doing a couple of 6 mile runs to tick over.

    and when I come back I think maybe a 10 mile, 15 mile, 17mile build up before moving on to 19.... And more.

    what do people think about a longish run in an evening, followed by a longer run first thing in the morning? I am just thinking it might be a way to practise the running on tired legs for weeks when I want to step back total mileage or can't fit a proper long run in....?
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done JEvaNs, good work!

    I'm getting closer and closer to deciding to do a half mara. I think I need a goal to keep me on the right track. It will be Bristol though as I don't want to travel for it.
    When you did your first half mara, did you do any over distance runs? Did you do speedwork? I'm only asking because I've been looking at training plans on runnesworld and they do have speedwork my most plans only go up to 10miles. I'd like to do bit more than that. Obviously, I still have ages to prepare and if I get to the stage when I'm doing constantly about 20miles a week before starting the training plan I should be fine.

  • I think for my first marathon I did up to the distance once or twice, and a 12 mile run once or twice too. I have a photo of my training plan that I only chucked out the other week (it was a big wall planner thing).. will see if I can find it - though I don't know how to upload photos on a website. Perhaps I will just have a look and post again in a minute....! image
  • Found it! Randome dates and achievements now follow....

    24th Aug - 13.3 miles done in 2hr 21mins
    22nd Sept - 7x800m interval sessions@ 11.5kph
    21st Sept - 10 mile run
    16th Sept - 19.7km in 2hrs 7 mins
    10th Sept - long run of 10 miles
    12th Sept - long run of 10 miles
    27th Aug - 7x800m @10.7kph

    So yes - speed work there was! And not too much stuff close to the race distance. The race was on 3rd Oct (so you have an idea of how far ahead of the race these achievements were made!).

    I'm not doing any speed work for the marathon though - which might be a bit daft, but I just need to know I can get around. I don't need any added pressure of time.

    I still can't believe I ran 17 miles on Saturday!

    So when is Bristol, mikasa? Is it October? How is your training going at the moment?

  • This thread really is depressingly full of tumbleweed though, isn't it?!


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Ah bless you , Jen! I just spotted this! I have been busy moving countries with my family and settling into San Francisco. Delighted to see you are marathoning as well as triathloning (I do recall being responsible for talking you into the HIM!) Which marathon are you doing? I did my first two last year and my third is coming up in July. Life generally good though? And HOW ARE THE BIKE PANNIERS bearing up? image
  • MsE!!!!! Your name popped up in my email and I was initially delighted... then I remembered the HIM....;-)

    I am doing less of the tri training since the HIM made me discover a passionate duslike (let's not call it hatred) for the bike. Commuting is fine - though I must admit that I haven't done any of that since the clocks went back... partly due to poor lights, but more recently because I would rather run. I was definitely getting my moneys worth from those panniers though and I am still eternally grateful for them!

    But... San Francisco!!! How amazing! Tell me more! I'm going to New York on Friday, but that is only for a week.....
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Hi JEvaNs! How's the training going?
  • Hi! Been on holiday for a week. Was planning on running while away, but we walked for miles every day and I figured my legs would probably protest if I tried to walk all day as well as do a couple of 6 mile runs. Disappointed, but hoping to get back to it tomorrow with a tiddler to get back into the swing of it...
  • You still doing Stratford marathon JEvanS?

     this is going tov be my first marathon too....image

  • Yep! Got to get my head around running after quite a long break, but 29th April is the target. Got a half mara on 25th March too... got number in the post today. Yikes!
  • Haha I'm doing Lichfield half the Sunday after if my legs will let me! Good luck anyway I know how u must be feeling!

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