Tube Challenge

Anyone ever tried this?  Visiting all 270 stations on the tube network in one day?  Official Guinness rules say you have to either arrive at or depart from a station by tube (or NR train if on the same tracks) but that you can use scheduled public transport - buses, trams etc but not cabs and also run.  270 stations include two separate "sites" for Edgeware Road, Paddington and Hammersmith. The running comes in for transfers between say Wimbledon and Morden (tominimise doubling back and wasting time).

I tried it recently, it's an interesting mix of the running side, logial problem solving to plan the route and adapting on the fly to issues that arise like a missed connection or suspended line.


  • Yes, the fact that half the lines aren't running half the time could make it (more) difficult!

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    Yes, the fact that half the lines aren't running half the time could make it (more) difficult!

    Yeah, and whatever you do don't try it on a Sunday image

  • did you miss out the part about drinking in the nearest pub to each?

  • That's just for the Circle line, I think having a drink at 270 pubs would take a week!
  • There is a tube marathon, that was  reported a few years ago, you ran between certain station and had to actually run onto the platform before heading back out...there was a link on here somwhere for the route i think
  • There used to be a group that ran underground lines caled runderground but I think they're defunct. I do harbour plans to run each line end to end - a day each - but whether I'll get round to it I don't know. Somebody else has done something similar here
  • Ah all very interesting image

    There's a book out recently by someone who walked the lines (titled "Walk the Lines" by Mark Mason) that I found an interesting reads - various anecdotes from around London down the years in the areas the tube passes through.

    I hadn't heard of the tube marathon, sounds interesting.

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