The Demon Run Series

Entries are open for the Demon run series.

Featuring London, Belfast, Wales and Scotland this year.

Early bird discounts are available for most events until mid Feb.


  • This was the most poorly organised run I have ever done. I did the one in Wales this weekend. Very few marshalls or signs (no mile / distance markers at all) and so people ended up running different routes as people got lost. even the organisers didn't seem to know what the route was. Fabulous scenery and hill runnign, but the organisation let this down big time! Won't be doing again.

  • I did this race last year and couldn't disagree more, loved it all, even the shockingly steep hill to start. I am signed up again for April and cant wait...bring it on. Not one for cry babies its a tough course but lots of fun. We are aiming for the team prize this time.

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