Venice Marathon 28.10.2012

Hi Everyone

I have just entered the 2012 Venice Marathon, which is on 28.10.2012.

It is my first marathon but I have been running for a good few years, I have realistic expectations (anything around the 4:30:00 mark would make me happy) and a big connection to the area as I grew up there, my family is still there and I speak the language.

I know it is a long shot but if anyone else is going I'd happily help with logistics or language in exchange for some marathon help from someone who's done it before.


 PN The Purkinje Ninja 


  • Hello! I'm doing Venice in October. It will be my fifth marathon. Happy to give any tips.

    How's your training going?

    I can't figure out where the expo is for picking up race packs on the Saturday. Do you know where it is?

  • Hi there!

    Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I have booked my flights and emailed Mum and Dad with all the details. I have no idea where the Expo is but they live locally so it's their job to work that one outimage

    Training is going ok, had to stop throughout July due to injury and reassess my expectations, not anything under 5 hours will do.

    You still going there?

  • The Expo is on the mainland at the end of the causeway - it is dead easy to get to.

    Many buses run from the bus station to the park where the Expo is situated.

    Do not lose any sleep over this.

  • Hi guys

    Anyone know the deal with having to take a 'health form' signed and stamped by a doctor?! I haven't been to my dosc in over 6 years, but have completed 65 races in that time including 4 marathons, an ultra & 8 ironman races!

    Any idea if this is necessary or just some local nanny state thing?



  • Tony

    The organisers are very keen on this document.When you turn up to collect your race package you will have to hand over the document.Needless to say , it was not examined!

    I made an appointment with my doctor who then gave me  a quick check over , asked a few questions and signed the form. I think he was interested in my participation and was probobly a relief from some of the usual patients he has to see every day.This service was free , but I have heard from others that a charge can be made ( I would tend to resist this !!!!)

    Best of luck.

  • All

    I've just come back from a weekend in Venice (holiday, not running event).  It was a fabulous place - good luck with the run and enjoy the city image

    Tony - It's fairly standard for events to request med forms.  I had to do one for the Rome Marathon this year.

  • Thanks for ths advice - I'll give my doc a call and see if I can get down therre!

    At worst, I can fill in the form myselfimage


  • My doc did mine without wanting to see me.  That was a big help.

  • fi fifi fi ✭✭✭

    Hi all, just back from the Venice marathon. I never expected to need to buy wellies when out there! I have to say crossing the bridge was tough!

    My Dr's certificate wasnt even looked at when I collected my race number.

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