Any hashers on here? Did my first one last night and really enjoyed it, although that may just be down to the free beer! Good to run with all different abilities and a really social bunch.

With the stop start nature of the run I found it didn't even really feel like I had done anything. I had never even heard of hashing before, is it common?

 Scenery was amazing around weymouth. Just thought I would recommend it to anyone considering it or those that hadn't to look it out


  • what actually is hashing? Basically just running aroud in a group at the pace of the slowest person, and aiming to finish together?

    Our club has a monthly social run which is basically that.

    Or is there something more to it? Does it have to involve booze or something?

  • I hashed for years when I lived in the Midlands, But the hash here is a bit on the strange side !

    Hash House Harriers

  • Hashing is terrific.  If you read the definition it allows runners to run at their own pace but to keep the pack together.  It calls itself 'a drinking club with a running problem', although you are not forced to drink alcohol if you don't want to.  Some might find it a bit rugby clubbish (rude songs, ritual humliations) but is enormous fun and provides great social links if you travel.

    on on....(hashy call).

  • Played a little in the past but been to buzy/Lazy to do it properly. It's great fun through and well worth it.image
  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    what actually is hashing? Basically just running aroud in a group at the pace of the slowest person, and aiming to finish together?

    The leaders for the day tend to lay false trails and switch-backs, so that the runners finish at pretty much the same time regardless of ability.

    It's fun and has a great atmosphere. Sadly, I don't drink and find it hard enough to get the mileage in each week without such larks.

    Hash House Harriers : I love that they have to put the final message at the bottom of the page. Someone must have turned up at some point looking for a social group with an interest in 'hash'. image 

  • StevieG - hashing gets round the problem with most mixed ability runs in that the fastest ones have to take breaks which they don't want or need so that the ones at the back can catch up. Then when the last one has caught up the leaders immediately set off again so that the slower you are the less of a break you have, although wanting and needing one more.  As explained hashing is organised so that the fastest (aka FRBs) keep running whilst the others (SRBs) can take as much of a rest as they want.

    Also the post run chat tends to be non run related, no talking of pbs, forthcoming events - although quite a few hashers are seriously good runners.

  • I have been really tempted to try this but not sure who I would contact to try it. image
  • Squidget - where do you live?  Check hashers' website and see if there's one near you.  It will give time and place of next run.  Turn up and ask to be intoduced to the GM. If you want to know more about hashing you can message me.
  • Squidget, if you're in London, you can hash any night of the week. Some are a bit quicker (ie, Tuesday, City Hash), and some are a bit slower (Thursday, West London). Highly recommended fun!
  • I live in Watford and work in the City so either is an option really.

    I think I would go with a slower option at the moment as I have a bad habbit of falling over my feet.  Thanks for the help, I will look and see which one works best. image 

  • I used to Hash in Abuja Nigeria. It was fantastic, although on the tame side as it was for all ages and we could choose whether to walk or dash as they called it. We would go to the most bizarre places through villages, corn fields, pass cows and goats grazing, get stared at by the locals (who I guess were thinking what the....!) We'd stop half way for beers (and soft drinks) and then continue. In the evening we would go to someone's house or a restaurant to eat and drink more beer! Miss it!
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