Hi runners!

A few years back I tried to lose weight with running and failed miserably! Probably because I did something wrong, and thats why I'm here!
I'm not exactly a beginner to running, I have had quite a bit of experience in relation to outside running on a daily basis. Although, I was wondering if any of you runners out there could provide me with a good training schedule that will help lose weight effectively, vastly and not something that as soon as i start eating will be put back on!
So if you could, please provide me with full weekly training schedule that fits to a moderate runner and any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


  • The only training schedule that will make you lose weight is called a diet. Don't mean to sound harsh, but thats the reality. A person should be a "normal" weight with only moderate amounts of exercise/active life style. If you you need to run to lose weight, you're eating too much, your running diet should be to fuel your running, not the other way around.

    You can run 200 miles a week, if you eat more calories than you burn, you'll still get bigger.

    Any running schedule will help you lose weight, if you eat right.

  • You'd have to eat a lot to run 200 miles a week and still put on weight! image

    I think you can fall into the trap of overeating when you are training because you 'deserve' it. Just make sure you plan your meals so that you don't come in from a run an eat everything in sight to quell the post-run hunger, and you should do fine.

    Good luck Kye!
  • Actually, 200 miles is only around 20000 kcals, divide by 7 thats 2857 kcals per day extra on top of your daily intake.

    As an example, 1 tesco steak pie is 445 kcals, so you only have to eat 6 a day, an easy feat for any one with an appetite image

    Or... 1 Domino's Meateor, Regular Crust, Large Pizza is 2800 kcals....

    People don't realise how much they eat...

    Ps... If an average runner does ~30 miles per week, thats ~3000 kcals, divide by 7, thats 430 kcals a day.... ooops, I can't even have 1 steak pie a day!

  • That's impressive eating, if I ever need to bulk up, I'll be coming to you for an eating plan image
  • Lard arse... Its more calories per mile depending on your weight.

    You need to do something else, not just running IMO, to build balance & muscle. Circuit or weights class or both.
  • Yes I know it's more kcals per mile depending on weight, that wasn't the point...

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    No matter how many miles I run; sometimes 100 plus a week, I'll get fatter, if: I eat biscuits and chocolate. There must be some kind of chemistry involved in these things which ensures that when consumed they stay consumed. At worse if I eat 1lb of chocolate then I get 1lb heavier permanently. Mathematically impossible based on its calorific profile.
    I guess if I bung the stuff in a mass spectrometer I'll discover what other elements the damn stuff is combining with to produce the weight.
    Its like the dark matter of the body.
  • But I do like the measurement based on pies.

    Kye everyone is different... Time number of days, effort, lifestyle.

    Just running isn't enough. It will help.. But so will portion control, Healthy eating & diet 80% plus of the time

    Mrs FRC has lost 9 stone in 18 months, diet side first, then some gym work & classes, then including running. Good mixture of all.

  • im doing something wrong also, running 35miles/week @ 125cals/mile and my usually trim form is turning into a pot belly! think it must be as simple as the fat content of my diet. Im guessing I eat too much bacon, burgers, sausages, chorizo(lots) and its destroying me! I thought I could sort it out with increased mileage but its not really working! something has to change!
  • Im no saint Seb but sounds like lots of processed meat and fat in those...burgers & sausages in particular I'd only have as a treat.

    Chicken , fish, veg, fruit?

    What else do you do apart from running?
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Fat = Fat and refined sugar = fat also. Just avoid either. Rule of gut is if something tastes really really good and mouth wateringly yum then its not something you're going to lose weight on. Running diets are functional and dull. Plain rice anyone?
  • It's not 125 cals per mile, more like 100, also you have to factor in how much you would've burned just sitting doing nothing, which is roughly 100 an hour, this is why cycling isn't so good because even with a good speed you're doing 350 cals an hour but only 250 cals an hour net. My calcs put 'true burn' at 85 cals per mile, and i am a heavy tall female.
  • I've lost 2 stone by adding some exercise (mainly running) and controlling the food intake. I've cut out the snacks, I just eat 3 meals a day and they're mostly sensible ones. The other thing is not so much what you eat, but how much of it - portion control is also critical.

    It's not been a calorie counting diet and if I've felt like a treat, or dessert, then I've allowed myself one - but (and this is the kicker) it's not every day. I maybe have dessert once a fortnight, I might have coffee and a piece of cake at a similar frequency.

    The mistake its easy to make is to think "I've run 20 miles, that's burned 2,000 calories, I can now eat 2,000 calories" WRONG! The reason some people don't loose weight with exercise is that they over reward themselves for having done the exercise.

    It can be done, but, as with anything, it takes some effort, control and willpower.

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